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Cultivate Compassion With Sustaining Acts of Kindness Beyond Tragedies

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Quality Giving Management can channel compassion without the necessity of catastrophic events, extending help to thousands of underprivileged children.

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The human experience is woven with moments of both immense suffering and remarkable resilience. From the devastating wars of the past century to the contemporary tragedies of natural disasters, we are constantly reminded of our vulnerability and the potential for deep sorrow. Yet, amidst the darkness, a hope often emerges - a surge of compassion and kindness that binds us together in the face of adversities.

September 11 is one such saddening incident where more than 2900 humans lost their lives. The relief and recovery funds were raised. However, the challenge lies in sustaining this positive momentum beyond the immediate response to disasters.

The Oslo Disaster of 2011, where 72 innocent children perished, stands as another heartbreaking example. The aftermath of this horrific event witnessed an extraordinary phenomenon. A spontaneous outpouring of kindness that swept across Norway. Witnessing this display of unity and empathy, a seasoned law enforcement officer, and CEO of Quality Giving Management, Henrik Gerner, was struck by a compelling realization: the compassion and solidarity we witnessed should not be contingent upon tragedy. It should be a fundamental element of our interactions, a continuous practice that uplifts and empowers.

The world has been a witness to numerous man-made disasters, from World War I/II to 9/11 to the Oslo tragedy, each prompting a surge of kindness and support. However, this surge is often short-lived, and as time passes, the collective memory fades, and the world returns to its normal pace. It is time to break free from this cycle of reactive magnanimity. They forget that the people who have been through all the disasters do not recover within months or a year. People also forget that benignity is something one needs to give, not just during such disasters, but otherwise to the needy.

It is time to change this.

With over 330 million children worldwide living in extreme poverty, humaneness should not be confined to moments of tragedy. It needs to transcend disaster response, becoming a constant force for good. Compassion, the strongest emotion for positive behavior, should be utilized to create sustained societal changes.

Compassion-driven kindness should not be reserved for special occasions such as birthdays or holiday seasons. In a world where conflict threatens to turn the tide of societal hostilities, there is a need for substantial financial assistance. This support is for more than just resources, it’s an investment in creating empathy through kindness. Initiatives like Quality Giving Management System (QGMS) understand and have replicated the kindness movement with their platform, designed to channel goodwill without the necessity of catastrophic events. By capturing thousands of people in their benevolence, a chain reaction of philanthropy can be initiated, extending help to thousands and thousands of humans.

The potential impact of such an approach extends far beyond individual interactions. Research conducted by renowned psychologists, including Dr. Stan Steindl, a renowned clinical psychologist based in Australia, affirms the link between compassion and positive social behavior. By nurturing compassion through the platform, Inspiring Kindness holds the potential to create a more peaceful and harmonious society.

To reach an instant strong impact, people will need and be encouraged to focus differently, like looking for the good in everyone. This can be done by catching and rewarding kindness with the ability to experience compassion, getting a gift card for giving enables them to help a defined underprivileged child. Quality Giving Management System has the tools, partners, and appropriate knowledge of how to organize it, including how to find the children.

The need for a platform like Inspiring Kindness by QGMS becomes even more pertinent as we navigate the complex challenges of the 21st century. Globalization has interconnected us like never before, yet we also face unprecedented levels of social and political division, exacerbated by economic inequality and environmental degradation. In this context, cultivating kindness is not just a feel-good exercise; it is a strategic imperative for building a more resilient and sustainable future.

As Mr. Gerner expresses, “It shouldn’t take a disaster to bring people together,” one should make the necessary efforts.

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