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The Transformative Power of AI: How the Theories Group Disrupts the Media Landscape

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Sweden-based digital media group Theories harnesses the power of AI to revolutionize the media landscape, boosting efficiency and profitability.

Stockholm, Sweden, 01/19/2024 / SubmitMyPR /

The emergence of new technologies, the development of digital platforms, and changing consumer behavior have significantly transformed the media and publishing industry. Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the primary drivers of this change. Over the years, AI has become an instrumental tool in addressing the challenges shared by both media and publishing, such as engaging end-users, predicting trends, and monetizing content.

AI contributes to the media industry through recommendation engines. It became an essential tool to identify and understand the target audience's preferences in an era where personalized content has been replacing mass media. Meanwhile, in content creation, AI automates story generation, enhances content, generates highlights, and even creates subtitles and captions. It has also become vital for content consumption and sentiment analysis due to its capability to refine and discover future trends.

Theories Group, a leading AI-driven digital media group based in Sweden, acknowledges the immense potential of AI in steering the industry toward a future where intelligent media transforms the way society consumes and interacts with content. Theories specialize in high-intent niches, connecting consumers with top brands worldwide. Its philosophy is based on the belief that there must be a way for technology to enhance processes efficiently. Following this ideology, Theories' vision is to operate thousands of brands in hundreds of languages across all digital channels to revolutionize the industry.

Leveraging AI's proficiency in data and analytics, Theories Group has acquired three companies under its wing, with a fourth incoming. Deployr, the first of its companies, is a technology-focused venture dedicated to building an automatic publication platform. Cliqer, on the other hand, specializes in content creation driven by search engine optimization (SEO), focusing on global lead generation in over 70 markets. Meanwhile, RVSHR is an affiliate company serving over 300 brands in more than 30 markets daily.

Theories' journey illustrates the significance of adaptation and innovation in the field. The group initially started as a tech startup to produce marketing web pages programmatically in multiple languages. This laid the foundation for Deployr. Theories later delved into a marketing affiliate business, successfully funding itself to run Cliqer and RVSHR, each contributing to Theories' overarching vision.

Like many other companies in the online business landscape, Theories experienced remarkable growth during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, in 2022, the group had to reassess its traditional business model to ensure continued growth following the shift from online to offline activities. Spearheaded by its CEO, Jonas Angleflod, Theories Group navigated the challenges it faced.

Theories' team of experts refined the group's approach to producing higher-quality content at significantly lower costs. The group pivoted away from its initial model, right-sized its operations, and leveraged AI to streamline its processes. "For us, AI isn't just a means to cut costs. We embrace it for its potential to add value," the CEO remarked. In 2023, Theories achieved an astounding turnaround. This prompted the decision to venture into creating news outlets on a massive scale.

The forward-thinking group of companies envisions the future of publishing moving toward more personalized and localized content, and it aims to be at the forefront of this changing landscape. When asked how Theories leverages AI to guarantee this, Angleflod answered, "AI enables us to be relevant for our customers, capturing trends globally and locally. It's all about staying on the pulse of what's happening now and delivering content that aligns with high-intent searches."

Essentially, AI enables Theories to identify global trends and delve into local nuances. The use of AI also extends to content research. AI technology automates the process of understanding the implications of trending topics, determining the questions users are seeking answers to, and creating content that directly addresses these needs. Unlike human writers who may lack cultural references for specific regions, AI possesses the capability to understand them, allowing it to connect the dots swiftly and accurately. This advantage significantly enhances efficiency.

Angleflod emphasized, "Our approach to AI implementation is not about replacing existing processes. We augment them. Our goal is to add value in areas where conventional processes face limitations. For example, we can cover feature articles with local flavors in 100 countries. We focus on providing relevant, localized content adapted to diverse target groups to ensure that readers and consumers have an enriching experience. This is beyond challenging without AI assistance."

Theories underscore its commitment to intelligent automation, promising to embed research, topic relevance, fact-checking, tonality, brand consistency, and editorial oversight into its processes to provide outputs of the highest quality. It plans to expand from eleven brands in over 50 countries to a thousand online brands in 100 countries within the next five years. With this, Theories Group is set to reshape media production and consumption with its bold vision, innovative strategies, and unique approaches that integrate the power of AI.

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