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Steve Lowell, Leading Trainer and Mentor, Celebrates 40 Years Of Creating High-Impact Speakers

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Nine years ago, after 30 years of training speakers, Steve joined with his wife Jayne. Since then the husband-wife duo has become well known globally for their effective speaker training programs.

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Steve and Jayne Lowell, some of the most well-known names in the speaking industry, are celebrating 9 years in business together. The husband-wife duo has taught thousands of students how to create impactful signature speeches and convert their speaking engagements into revenue. Throughout his 40-year speaking career, Steve has spoken at locations across the globe, taking Jayne along in the past 9 years to nurture client relationships and truly change lives. The pair specializes in providing highly effective training programs to entrepreneurs, industry experts, and any other type of person interested in sharing their message. With the help of Steve and Jayne Lowell, clients can see a rapid increase in influence, business opportunities, and satisfaction.

Steve Lowell is a multi-award-winning global speaker, three-time #1 best-selling author, and founder of The High-Impact Speakers’ Showcase. His wife Jayne has her own accomplishments to boast, including her successful career in international business and sales. As the former co-owner of a clothing manufacturing company that did over $11 million in sales, she has become Steve’s partner in creating a seamless client experience. Jayne’s expertise in business mentorship, specifically her 7-figure mindset framework, enabled Steve to scale his training business into a 7-figure enterprise.

Steve and Jayne’s connection has enabled the pair to build a multi-million dollar business and help others discover their love of speaking. Since opening their training and mentorship company, Steve has taught countless coaches, consultants, and global changemakers how to deliver the most inspiring message possible. With Jayne’s business acumen, these clients have also gained access to hundreds of speaker leads through the resources she provides. This continuous high-touch support enables the Lowells’ clients to continue uplifting audiences with stories of success, failure, and perseverance.

Since Steve has always loved the stage, he handles client training. His background as a musician which began at the age of six has prepared him to handle all kinds of people and situations with ease. Steve’s years of experience refining his speaking skills and grounding them in neuroscience have also propelled him to become one of the best public speaking instructors out there. Jack Canfield, the co-author of the internationally renowned book Chicken Soup for the Soul, has applauded his approach to teaching people from varying backgrounds how to create a personalized message that resonates with crowds globally.

Clients have the opportunity to learn, implement, and perfect Steve’s speaking strategies through several training programs the company offers. One of Steve’s most sought-after programs is the 100k Signature Talk Coaching Program. This high-touch 8-week course is where coaches, entrepreneurs, and experts can craft high-impact messages that are guaranteed to bring in additional revenue. Steve stands by this promise, even going as far as to say that people who have never spoken publicly can also achieve this milestone. Jayne helps this become possible by providing clients with a weekly newsletter of curated leads that they can leverage along their speaking journey.

Steve also leads the Premier Mentorship Circle, which is an elite one-on-one mentoring program that empowers his clients to captivate audiences on stage, on screen, or through podcasts, and generate revenue through speaking.

Clients can also purchase any of Steve’s books to learn the art of becoming a talented public speaker or an unmistakable authority figure in your field.

As Jayne and Steve continue their speaking legacy, the couple envisions more transformations of clients and audiences. The pair are passionate about their work and deeply believe that the power of spoken word should never be underestimated.

“The purpose of speaking is not to transfer information, although that occurs in the process,” says Steve Lowell. “The true purpose of speaking is to convey emotion. When you express a message in front of an audience–live or virtual–you automatically become a more credible, engaging figure than you would be in other settings. When someone is in front of you on a stage or screen, their body language, facial expressions, stature, and voice become an inseparable package that communicates much more than written words ever can.”

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