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Badu Tax Services Offers Innovative Tax Preparation and Planning Services That Caters To Crypto Enthusiasts

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Badu Tax Services, a respected tax firm in Chicago, Illinois, caters to crypto enthusiasts with its flexible, personalized tax preparation and planning services.

Chicago, Illinois, 01/24/2024 / SubmitMyPR /

Badu Tax Services, an agile tax firm in Chicago, Illinois with over 3,000 clients, is redefining tax filing and planning support by catering to cryptocurrency investors and other individuals or businesses with diversified income sources. The company’s innovative spirit is inspired by founder and CEO Jeff Badu, CPA, who feels that the industry must strive to accommodate clientele like cryptocurrency investors who represent the future of financial services.

Crypto investors struggle to complete their taxes correctly and reduce costs because the tax code is slowly adapting to this new financial sector. Additionally, the legislation is far too technical for individuals or companies to handle on their own. Badu Tax Services addresses this issue by supporting clients with its team of tax experts. The firm further caters to crypto investors by compiling data, completing income reporting, and providing strategies to reduce tax liability. Some of these methods include strategic tax planning to maximize tax savings, reinvesting profits into real estate assets, and more. By serving crypto investors, Badu Tax Services is creating a safer environment for others who may be interested in participating.

Jeff Badu founded Badu Tax Services in 2016 to disrupt the outdated accounting industry with a forward-looking approach to tax preparation, planning, and representation. During his time in college, Jeff spent an hour a day perfecting his business plan. This unwavering dedication to beginning his entrepreneurial journey enabled him to open the business shortly after graduating.

After hearing about cryptocurrency from a friend who is also in the accounting industry, Jeff began investing in various tokens. As the years passed, he became deeply knowledgeable about how to invest in crypto safely, as well as the tax challenges that enthusiasts face. Jeff has offered his wisdom on these two topics through a former radio show called Money Talks, several speaking engagements, and on his website where he provides resources that help people multiply their wealth.

Jeff immigrated to the US from Ghana at a young age. His homeland’s culture of entrepreneurship became the driving force behind his desire to make Badu Tax Services a cultivator of abundance. The company is a subsidiary of Badu Enterprises, which is a multinational conglomerate that also owns Badu Investments. Badu Tax Services’ clientele mainly consists of small and medium businesses, but several crypto investors and businesses are also entering their database, servicing clients in all 50 U.S. states.

With a fully remote workforce in seven countries and over 10,000 completed tax returns, Badu Tax Services has become a leader in its industry. In the next five years, the firm has plans to reach 10,000 clients and continue its legacy of personalized, reliable support.

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