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Eva and Jing: Revolutionising International Education - Unleashing a New Wave of Possibilities

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Eva and Jing joined together to establish UAPPLY EDU in 2018. With years of development, UAPPLY EDU has made a significant impact, providing families with tailored international education solutions.

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In 2014, Eva and Jing embarked on different career paths after graduating from Imperial College Business School. However, fueled by a profound passion for education and an inner calling, these like-minded friends joined together to establish UAPPLY EDU, dedicating themselves to the realm of international education. With years of accumulation and development, UAPPLY EDU has made a significant impact, rapidly rising in the realm of international education with its efficient services and outstanding reputation, providing more families with tailored international education solutions.

From International Students to Education Pioneers

The surge of the Chinese economy and the evolution of globalisation have intensified the focus on international education. Beyond the yearly increase in the trend of studying abroad, the emergence of international schools stands out as a significant trend shaping the landscape of education in China. Eva and Jing are aware that with the rising demand, providing professional educational services for students and families has become a top priority.

"Having the experience of studying abroad, we understand the impact of international education has on our lives," says Eva. Eva and Jing, despite pursuing different careers in Shanghai and Shenzhen after graduation, maintained their connection and passion for education. For Eva, international education is not simply an academic choice, as it is a decision that influences the future of every student and family. It goes beyond obtaining a diploma – it broadens horizons, shapes perceptions, and can even reshape one's worldview to some extent.

Jing says, "Friends couldn't understand why I gave up the careers that most young people aspire to, but I know it was my inner passion for education that drove me to make such a choice." From a graduate of a prestigious institution to an investment banking professional and then to a further studies consultant at the Chinese University of Hong Kong(Shenzhen), Jing deeply understands the importance of a well-thought-out educational plan for students and families along the way.

A Glimpse into Success and the Path Forward

In addition to facilitating Chinese students' pursuit of overseas education, UAPPLY EDU has emerged as a leading professional in the field of education for the children of expatriates in China. "We understand the difficulties and challenges of living and studying in a different country as foreigners ourselves," from the team. For example, when it comes to expatriate families relocating to China for work, questions like how to select a school for their children within a short timeframe or whether the children can join mid-semester can be overwhelming for most families. UAPPLY EDU adeptly addresses these problems, providing efficient and professional solutions. To ensure the accuracy and timeliness of information, our team maintains close communication with various international schools in China, gaining in-depth insights into curriculum offerings, examination processes, transfer policies, and school culture.

In its few years of entrepreneurial journey, UAPPLY EDU has shaped itself into an outstanding platform in the international education sector and has been recognised as Tencent Education's most influential study abroad service brand in 2022. Eva and Jing express, "Our vision goes beyond leveraging the expertise to assist families and children in need. More importantly, we aim to build a bridge for cultural exchange." UAPPLY EDU is not just an educational service provider but also a medium for connecting China and the world. They help Chinese children step onto the global stage while assisting expatriate families in China in finding the most suitable educational solutions.

Utilising the Chinese social media platform Xiaohongshu App, also known as The Red, Eva and Jing continuously share timely information and insights about foreign education on accounts such as "Evaa Talks International Education" and "Jennie Talks International Education," delivering high-quality content to break down the information asymmetry, and they have become leading influencers in this field. For Eva and Jing, the future holds promising expectations: "Being immersed in these meaningful endeavours every day, we feel incredibly fortunate and deeply satisfied."

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