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Chinese Electronic Engineering Expert Qian Chenyu: Infinite Innovation, Daring to be an Industry Pioneer

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In the field of electronic engineering, Qian Chenyu's name is synonymous with a business card for the industry.

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In this world, there are two types of people: followers, who tread in the footsteps of predecessors and enjoy ready-made fruits; and pioneers, who fear no difficulties, forge ahead, and open up entirely new paths. Without a doubt, Qian Chenyu belongs to the latter.

Electronic Engineering Expert Qian Chenyu
Electronic Engineering Expert Qian Chenyu

In the field of electronic engineering, Qian Chenyu's name is synonymous with a business card for the industry. Referred to by industry colleagues as the "magician on the silicon wafer," Qian Chenyu has dedicated over 20 years to the field of electronic engineering. His research and development span the entire electronic engineering domain, from integrated circuits to sensors, and from electronic components to electronic device accessories. With a series of advanced achievements, he continuously pushes the boundaries of electronic science and technology to new heights, injecting dynamic energy into the transformation of various industries.

In the wave of 21st-century technological advancements, various industries have undergone several revolutions. As one of the crucial domains influencing human development, electronic engineering is at the center of this wave. With continuous technological progress and improving living standards, the demand for electronic device performance, functionality, and quality has been on the rise. To meet these demands, the electronic engineering industry must break through technological bottlenecks and develop more advanced and reliable products. This innovative trend involves the entire industry's ecological chain, requiring continuous exploration and experimentation in every aspect, from materials, design, manufacturing to application, to achieve overall improvement.

Qian Chenyu, with a professional perspective and keen insight, observes the entire industry. He has a unique understanding of this technological revolution. Despite having achieved significant success in the field of electronic engineering, he deeply understands that the road of technological development has no end. Therefore, he has always adhered to his goal of using innovation to solve the most cutting-edge technical challenges in the electronic engineering industry.

As a pragmatist, Qian Chenyu always lets his actions speak for themselves. Over the years, he has led a research and development team to overcome a series of long-standing problems in the electronic engineering field. One of the representative achievements is solving the problem of static electricity damaging sensitive components.

We all have experienced being shocked by static electricity in our daily lives, which may be uncomfortable but generally harmless. However, what many people may not know is that seemingly inconspicuous static electricity is the arch-enemy of sensitive components. The majority of faults in sensitive components are caused by static interference. For a long time, companies producing sensitive components eagerly hoped for someone to step forward and solve this problem. Qian Chenyu, from the first moment he noticed this demand, was determined to develop a device that could prevent static electricity from damaging sensitive components, thus breaking through this technological barrier.

With the goal set, Qian Chenyu led the team in continuous research. To ensure the flawless application of this device, there was a period when he spent most of his time in the laboratory, even sacrificing sleep. In early 2021, the "Anti-Static Protection Device for Sensitive Components" was developed and successfully patented. With this tireless effort, Qian Chenyu finally overcame this technical challenge, filling an important technological gap.

In the short three years that followed, the patent for the "Anti-Static Protection Device for Sensitive Components" benefited over 40 companies producing sensitive components. Among them, Suzhou Hezhimu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., the first company to introduce this device, reduced production and manufacturing costs by 25.6% and increased product sales by 29.6% in just over a year of application! Innovations like this research result are numerous in Qian Chenyu's career. His industry reputation is built on the quality and quantity of innovative achievements.

As an outstanding technical expert and industry leader, Qian Chenyu does not limit his focus to economic benefits but pays more attention to social responsibility and the sustainable development of the entire industry. Sometimes, his subordinates may suggest focusing on projects with lower difficulty and higher returns. However, Qian Chenyu often advises his staff in this way: "We cannot avoid challenges because of high project difficulty or underestimate them because of low returns. Every research endeavor should aim to solve the most urgent problems in the current electronic engineering industry." Qian Chenyu's innovative spirit and fearlessness in the face of difficulties deeply influence his team. Under his leadership, team members are also becoming more willing to try new methods and perspectives, constantly pushing their own limits.

It is thanks to this professional value system and a sense of industry mission being "passed down through the generations" that the enterprise led by Qian Chenyu has been able to stand tall amidst the waves of industry change, becoming a lighthouse guiding the direction of technological development. In April 2023, at the 6th China Brand Economy Summit, Wuxi Taile Technology Co., Ltd., led by Qian Chenyu, was awarded the title of the Most Influential Technological Innovation Enterprise of 2023. This honor once again placed Qian Chenyu and his company in the spotlight, making them absolute protagonists in this internationally influential brand event.

Qian Chenyu's success is by no means accidental but stems from his love and persistent pursuit of the electronic engineering industry. On the thorny road of scientific research, it is this pursuit that drives him to explore, practice, re-explore, re-practice day after day for more than twenty years. Qian Chenyu, through his own story, tells us that only those who dare to challenge and innovate can become the most dazzling pioneers on the road of scientific research.(Reporter: Donald Chou)

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