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Dr. William DeFoore’s Book Goodfinding Advocates on Building a New Habit of Positivity

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The book, Goodfinding, offers a transformative perspective on emotional intelligence and emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and self-management in personal growth and relationships.

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Caption: Goodfinding, a guidebook on emotional intelligence by Dr. William DeFoore.

William G. DeFoore, Ph.D., a seasoned author, counselor, coach, and consultant, brings forth a transformative perspective on emotional intelligence in his book, Goodfinding. With over five decades of experience, DeFoore guides people toward internal balance and self-improvement, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness and self-management in personal development and meaningful relationships.

The book’s philosophy is rooted in gratitude, mental focus shifting, and the activation of emotional intelligence. DeFoore encourages readers to embark on a unique time travel (GAO) experience that promotes G - gratitude for past experiences, A - appreciation for present blessings, and O - optimism about positive possibilities.

The book unfolds in four sections, empowering readers to apply Goodfinding skills to their past, present, and future mental activities. This process enables individuals to seize control of their subconscious focusing processes, shifting from negative to positive, from outer focus to inner focus, and from living at effect to living at cause.

Goodfinding focuses on helping people find internal equilibrium, arguing that individuality apart from the influences of personal history and upbringing is the foundation of true intelligence. Individuals who lack self-awareness struggle to manage their emotions, resulting in relationship breakdowns and panic. Dr. DeFoore shares an approach that involves assisting people to accept responsibility for their emotions and thoughts, which is difficult but necessary. Being a conscious creator of our experiences and outcomes is crucial to avoid the commonly experienced victim mindset. DeFoore emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and self-management in navigating life's challenges and achieving inner equilibrium.

“Through practical techniques like deep breathing exercises and positive thinking, individuals can enhance their emotional intelligence, and foster a better understanding and communication with others,” Dr. DeFoore states.

The Emotional Intelligence section of the book delves into four domains: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. These four domains give the reader an excellent framework for understanding and improving their personal, emotional, and relationship success.

Beyond emotional intelligence, Goodfinding addresses the fear of aging, presenting a positive perspective that challenges detrimental beliefs about growing older. Limiting beliefs about aging can be harmful because they unconsciously establish patterns in our thoughts. For example, when a person thinks or speaks negatively about getting older, their internal system will move toward decline instead of moving toward thriving. In contrast, if someone wants to run a marathon at the age of 95, they have a different mindset and work toward that goal. Drawing on personal experiences, DeFoore emphasizes the impact of mindset on physical health and encourages people to adopt a positive attitude toward aging, which is supported by research indicating that a positive belief system around aging can increase life expectancy.

DeFoore aptly expresses, “The focusing process aids individuals in shifting from negativity to a new habit through practice, transforming it into a positive default mechanism.” For those aspiring to reach their highest and best, to be as awake, aware, and alive as possible, Goodfinding serves as a beacon of guidance and inspiration.

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