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Doulify Bridges the Gap in Perinatal Health and Wellness through Groundbreaking App

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Doulify, founded by perinatal health advocate Marie McCausland, redefines perinatal health through personalized support and a groundbreaking app, providing essential care for expecting parents.

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Birthing individual's experiences throughout their journeys toward pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum is profound yet challenging. Although these periods are marked by joy and anticipation, they can also be filled with uncertainties due to the lack of essential support provided to these soon-to-be parents. Marie McCausland, a perinatal health advocate, founded Doulify after acknowledging that the absence of adequate support during these crucial phases can lead to grave consequences that can affect the entire family unit. The Ohio-based company provides essential information, as well as physical and emotional support to parents before, during, and after childbirth.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reported approximately 287,000 maternal deaths related to pregnancy and childbirth worldwide in 2020. Meanwhile, in the United States, there was a rise in pregnancy complications among birthing individuals aged 18 to 44 between 2014 and 2018. Since the global pandemic, these numbers have drastically risen. The Doulify founder and CEO recognizes these harrowing statistics all too well, with her personal experience of a near-death encounter during childbirth becoming the catalyst behind her advocacy of perinatal health and wellness.

From a background in molecular virology with a doctorate in the field, McCausland became a Postpartum Doula certified by the Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA). Fueled by her resolve to prevent other birthing individuals from undergoing similar traumatic experiences, she established Doulify. The company’s primary mission is to fill the gaps in perinatal health services by providing personalized, one-on-one support for families.

After witnessing the limitations of healthcare advocacy on a broader scale, Doulify developed a groundbreaking application that aims to revolutionize maternity health and wellness by connecting expecting and new parents with local providers. The platform offers a comprehensive directory of services that goes beyond generic information available through internet searches. This unique approach ensures that caregivers seeking support during pregnancy and postpartum would receive personalized support.

Marie McCausland, Founder and CEO of Doulify

It is worth highlighting the real-life instances illustrating the significant impact of Doulify. McCausland shared, “Alysha was one of the first moms I met in my Doulify journey. We met at a community baby shower and kept in touch throughout her pregnancy. She reached out to me one day, saying she was feeling unwell. She described symptoms of potential pre-eclampsia, so I urged her to get medical help. I stepped in and drove her to the hospital myself. It turned out she actually had pre-eclampsia and needed to deliver her daughter earlier than expected. Alysha thanked me for saving both her and her daughter’s lives. This experience solidified my goal of providing birthing individuals essential support and empowering them throughout their journey.”

Ultimately, Doulify is set to expand across cities, introducing more healthcare and wellness providers into its comprehensive network. The company’s trajectory exhibits its commitment to redefining conventional perinatal health services by ensuring that no birthing individual embarks on their parenthood journey without the necessary support and care they deserve.

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