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The Energy Company Charges Forward Into Texas, Florida, and Arizona, For Clean Energy

Last updated Monday, January 29, 2024 13:09 ET

The Energy Company expands into three states to establish a comprehensive clean energy network, focusing on transparency and affordability in the solar industry

San Diego, California, 01/29/2024 / SubmitMyPR /

Ahmed Owiess, the visionary founder of The Energy Company, is set to transform the solar energy landscape as the company gears up for expansion into Texas, Florida, and Arizona. The move is part of Ahmeds’ strategic plan to build a comprehensive clean energy network, leveraging solar solutions for both residential and commercial applications. The company is set to introduce its own products like commercial charging stations and batteries as part of its expansion.

The journey of Ahmed’s solar industry began in 2018, inspired by a desire to contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future. Having worked in various companies post-graduation, he felt compelled to address the challenges within the solar industry. In the wake of COVID-19, The Energy Company was born in California with a mission to redefine the solar industry’s challenges.

Customers planning to buy solar and clean energy products are most of the time tricked into signing up for financial products, such as financial products, rather than solar panels. The residential solar industry is struggling to stay afloat, with over 100 dealers and installers in the US declaring bankruptcy in late 2023. The industry's financial engineering, built on a framework that is not customer-focused, has led to financialization and has integrated itself into every point within the business cycle.

According to a report, residential solar's growth will contract to 12% in 2024, from 13% in 2023, due to higher interest rates and California legislative changes, making solar less financially appealing. Other states are following California's lead in solar energy adoption. Ahmed recognizes this and understands the urgent need to spread awareness in California and beyond.

Ahmed expressed concern about the current state of the solar industry, describing it as excessively sales-driven. He recognized the confusion among customers and the industry's challenges due to overreliance on sales tactics and misinformation. According to Ahmed, the industry needs a fundamental shift towards transparency and affordability, providing customers with energy solutions custom to them. He truly aims to provide this with the foundation of this company.

“The solar industry needs to change its structure and focus on providing a more sustainable way of life for customers,” states Ahmed. However, the company’s approach is not limited to rhetoric. Ahmed acknowledges the challenges associated with solar energy installation, citing the involvement of multiple entities such as manufacturers, contractors, and financiers. In response, the company is actively working on releasing its own batteries and charging stations, streamlining the transition to clean energy and making it an integral part of everyday life.

Ahmed is emphatic about simplifying the clean energy transition for individuals, addressing common complaints and setbacks. The Energy Company aims to alleviate concerns such as anxiety about electric cars, headaches associated with the switch to solar, and the complex solar installation process. Through a commitment to fair play and a vertically integrated approach, the company strives to offer a comprehensive solution, including financing and hardware, ensuring customers receive unparalleled support.

Highlighting the importance of calling a spade a spade in sales, Ahmed insists that customers should be well-informed throughout their journey. Becoming vertically integrated is more than just a strategic move for The Energy Company; it's a commitment to being present in every step of the customer experience, offering an expansive catalog of products and services.

Looking ahead, Ahmed envisions a broader impact for renewable energy solutions and plans to raise funds for an innovative charging robot. The autonomous device, set to be installed in parking lots, is expected to revolutionize electric vehicle charging by offering a convenient and automated solution. “My long-term goal is to advance life through clean energy creating a clean energy ecosystem,” Ahmed expresses optimistically.

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