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Garbage Can Hauling Device Maker Garbage Commander Expands and Updates Website

Last updated Wednesday, January 31, 2024 17:07 ET

It specializes in Innovative solutions for garbage can hauling, securing, and deodorizing.

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Garbage Commander, maker of garbage can hauling devices, is pleased to share that it has expanded and updated its website with information on its products and services. The company has introduced innovative solutions for hauling garbage cans in steep driveways. Its products have been thoroughly tested and are made up of high quality 11 & 10 gauge steel for better durability and functionality. One can haul garbage cans without getting their driveways messy. The garbage hook mounting devices do the trick of securing the can to the truck, car, or SUV without causing any spillage.

Garbage Commander creates garbage can hauling devices.
Garbage Commander

The garbage can hauling devices are backed by an easy-on and easy-off design. There is no need to lift the entire garbage can. All it takes is a slight effort to tilt the can and hook it to the mounting device. The swiveling top rail allows the can to trail around curves with ease. Haul garbage cans in just under 10 minutes without any need for assistance. The patented quick mounting design by Garbage Commander is what makes it possible for effortless lifting of trash cans.

Those who are tired of walking their garbage cans down the steep and long driveway must give these garbage hook mounting devices a try. No long walks and No multiple trips. The garbage can hauling devices have been designed to work on most cars, trucks, and SUVs, as well as on lawnmowers, golf cars, ATVs, and UTVs. Most of these devices are flexible to suit any vehicle, and there are more than six styles to choose from. They are also adjustable to accommodate most garbage cans. And then there are Can Couplers too that allow people to take multiple cans.

The long-drive hauling garbage can solutions by Garbage Commander are not just practical but are affordable too. They are the most cost-effective hooks currently available in the market. The garbage can hauling devices are light in weight, weighing about 5 to 10 lbs. The garbage cans are so secure that there is no need for another person to follow the truck while their trash cans are being hauled. One can also reduce the risk of injuries by trying to hang to the cans while driving. Haul garbage cans in the safest, smartest, and easiest way with these hauling devices.

This company offers an amazing product range starting with hauling devices to garbage straps, and accessories to garbage can deodorizing sprays. There are four different styles for garbage hook mounting. They are categorized into bolt mounted, receiver mounted, bumper mounted, and ball mounted. There are other products, such as the Garbage Commander Strap, which is super easy to strap with no tools required. The Odor Commander is an all-natural, fast-acting, powerful odor control spray with a lemongrass scent. This spray keeps the trash cans from smelling bad. The Can Coupler can be used to hook multiple trash cans and tow them all at once instead of making several trips back and forth. The Combo Hitch is a conversion tool that allows people to haul lawn and garden equipment without removing the ball hitch.

To learn more, visit https://www.garbagecommander.com/.

About Garbage Commander

Garbage Commander creates garbage can hauling devices. Made in America, this company has 3 patented designs in garbage hooks, all of which are made up of heavy, 11 gauge steel, laser cut formed, and powder coated finish. These garbage can hauling devices are the most practical solutions to pick up trash cans in long and steep driveways.


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