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Dr. William DeFoore cultivates a legacy as a counselor and author of multiple books on emotional and mental health

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William DeFoore's mission is to make a major contribution to positive mental health for future generations.

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Caption: Dr. William DeFoore, a counselor, author, coach, and consultant.

William G. DeFoore, Ph.D. is a multifaceted professional with a background in counseling, coaching, and consultancy. He is a guiding force for individuals seeking significant shifts in their mental and emotional well-being. With a career spanning over five decades, Dr. DeFoore has evolved from serving as a therapist with a focus on mental and emotional challenges to an author and thought leader in positive psychology and emotional intelligence. He has published 28 books to promote individual responsibility for personal, organizational, and collective systems, enhancing freedom and authority for lasting, productive change in the personal and business realms.

Rooted in a background shaped by his father, a minister, missionary, and therapist, Dr. DeFoore's journey began in the world of mental health. Initially studying sociology, he later transitioned to psychology and counseling in which he earned his Ph.D. His focus on emotional health emerged from the realization that positive processes are intrinsically linked to emotional alignment and mental health.

The early chapters of Dr. Defoore’s career were dedicated to unraveling the complexities of anger, a potent emotion often mismanaged. His book, “Anger: Deal with It, Heal with It, Stop It from Killing You,” released in 1991, remains a timeless bestseller. It has become a cornerstone in guiding individuals toward healthier emotional expression, preventing the prejudicial consequences of unresolved anger on mental health.

His book Goodfinding, released in 2022, advocates for finding the good in every facet of life, including seemingly negative emotions like anger, fear, and depression. By encouraging individuals to embrace both the positive and negative aspects of their emotional spectrum, Dr. DeFoore guides them toward a more fulfilling existence.

Dr. William DeFoore's mission is to help individuals connect with their bodies, emotions, and potential, fostering acceptance and value in their worth. He aims to help individuals understand and utilize their strengths to grow and improve. Dr. DeFoore believes that achieving this goal is possible through increasing inner and outer awareness to allow for expansion and improvement regardless of external circumstances.

Dr. DeFoore articulates his vision for the legacy he aims to leave behind: “I like my legacy to be helping people awaken to their greatest potential, and to expand into the best version of who they are and who they could be.”

As co-owner of Halcyon Life Enterprises, LLP, Dr. DeFoore's impact extends beyond the written word. His role as a licensed professional counselor and business consultant underscores the importance of individual responsibility in personal, organizational, and collective systems. Infusing his teachings with humor, spiritual focus, and genuine care for people, Dr. DeFoore's influence reaches far beyond the confines of his books.

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