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Karen Tooley Curry Aims to Reclaim Identity and Restore History through her Book “Standing on the Precipice”

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Pastor Karen Tooley Curry's literary work, Standing on the Precipice explores the more than 400-year-old history of Black slavery and oppression in North America.

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Standing on the Precipice by Karen Tooley Curry

An author, ordained minister, and community leader, Karen Tooley Curry is seamlessly integrating her diverse expertise into literature and community development. Her literary skills go way back to elementary school when she wrote her very first book with a typewriter. Her last work, Standing on the Precipice: a Prophetic Prayer for Black America is a poignant exploration of more than 400 years of Black history, a call for restoration, and a profound reflection on contemporary racial dynamics. As the Executive Director of Tooley Community Development Group (TooleyCDG), Karen brings a wealth of experience and academic achievements, holding a bachelor's degree in Economics from Florida A&M University and a master's degree in Communications from Webster University.

In her earlier works, Curry displayed a diverse range of themes. From exploring worship arts in Dancing In The Spirit to the challenges faced by pastors' kids in PK: The Brazen Laver Encounter. The lessons of faith in her book Kendi's Garden reflect a depth of thought and a commitment to understanding God's love for His precious daughters. She has also created a space for women to share their thoughts and experiences with her The Queens' Table, an extension of her podcast.

The book Standing on the Precipice stands out as Curry’s magnum opus. Written in 2020 against the backdrop of heightened racial awareness post-George Floyd, the book uses historical, scriptural, and personal confirmations to propose a compelling argument for Jubilee in Black America. It delves into the history of Black people, tracing back through antiquity and unpacking references to African kings and queens hidden in prophetic texts.

Pastor Karen's upbringing in the rural South established her conceptualization of racism, which was compounded by the Trayvon Martin and later the George Floyd tragedy. She highlights technology as the impetus for the current shift in the understanding of racism and the growing intolerance among Gen Z and millennials towards inequality. “I'd like to think that as we pass the baton to the next generation we will find folks with no appetite for a future that includes systemic racism,” Curry states as she expresses deep pride in her culture and heritage.

The book Standing on the Precipice beckons readers to confront historical injustices, question established norms, and strive for a more inclusive society. Through her words, Pastor Karen stands on the precipice, urging all to join her in the pursuit of justice, restoration, and a brighter future for African Americans.

These literary creations showcase Pastor Karen's deep connection to faith underlining her ability to craft narratives that inspire and uplift on both personal and universal levels. Beyond being a faith-based author, Karen serves as an ordained minister and worship leader, extending her impact far beyond the written word.

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