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Leading IV Clinic in Toronto Lumèr Announces Monthly Specials for February 2024

Last updated Thursday, February 1, 2024 22:19 ET

As part of its Valentine’s Day offers, couples who book IV drips get a complimentary Celluma LED phototherapy treatment.

Toronto, Ontario , Canada, 02/01/2024 / SubmitMyPR /

Lumèr - Timeless Health Clinic, the leading IV clinic in Toronto, is pleased to announce its monthly specials for February 2024, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Couples who book their IV drips together will get a complimentary Celluma LED phototherapy treatment each, which otherwise costs $79. The Celluma light therapy treatment can be enjoyed while one’s choice IV drip is simultaneously applied. It’a a great facial treatment and also promotes hair growth. This offer is valid for weekday appointments only.

Lumèr, a trusted clinic for IV therapy in Toronto, underwent a major rebranding earlier in July 2023, which reflects its dedication to health and vitality. The clinic extends its gratitude to its loyal customers and partners who have been a part of its journey for the past 10 years.

Lumèr - Timeless Health Clinic offers holistic beauty and health services in Toronto, ON.
Lumèr - Timeless Health Clinic

The clinic for IV drip therapy in Toronto was started to provide natural health therapies, IV therapy, acupuncture, and other services. However, in the past decade, there has been an increasing demand for anti-aging treatments and holistic beauty services. Timeless Health Clinic has developed into a holistic beauty clinic, which believes beauty is a true reflection of inner health and adopts a comprehensive approach to holistic therapies. Hence, it decided to rebrand the clinic to Lumer, which means “inner illumination,” representing its comittment to help their clients shine from the inside-out.

Ever since Lumèr IV clinic in Toronto has been rebranded, the response has been amazing, with a 2-week waitlist for appointments and patients coming from across Ontario and sometimes even further. The clinic for IV therapy in Toronto also has plans to expand due to the huge demand for holistic wellness services. It is excited to announce that it will be remodeling its flagship downtown Toronto clinic this year. A new facility will also be launched in Mississauga, Ontario. Once the renovations are complete, both facilities will be run simultaneously to accommodate more clients and shorten the waitlists.

Lumèr’s holistic beauty clinic offers cutting-edge anti-aging, holistic beauty, and health services. Each client gets personalized treatments from qualified and experienced naturopathic doctors. Toronto’s leading IV drip clinic takes pride in its friendly staff, who are committed to offering excellent service to its customers. Its highly trained team provides exceptional therapy services that instantly energize clients, making them stronger and healthier. The treatments are designed to effectively reverse the causes of weight gain, weak immune systems, low energy levels, erratic or low moods, visible aging, and high stress.

To learn more, visit https://www.timelesshealthclinic.com/post/rebranding-lum%C3%A8r-timeless-health-clinic.

About Lumèr - Timeless Health Clinic

Lumèr - Timeless Health Clinic offers holistic beauty and health services in Toronto, ON. Its IV therapies are designed to provide clients with quick and effective infusions of essential nutrients and powerful vitamins into their bodies. Other holistic services offered here are skin-lightening treatments, anti-aging facials, chemical peels, weight loss programs, fat-burning treatments such as lipotropic slim shots, and more. Customers can also avail of its free skin consultations to determine the best treatment.



Lumèr - Timeless Health Clinic

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