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Specificity (OTCQB:SPTY) Continues its Dominance in Solving Marketwide Challenges by Adding Partnership with Delivr

Last updated Friday, February 2, 2024 08:14 ET , Source: Specificity

Specificity (OTCQB:SPTY) looks to enhance its services that solve industry-wide challenges by partnering with Delivr, an innovative tech platform.

Tampa, Florida, 02/02/2024 / SubmitMyPR /

Specificity, a trailblazing digital marketing firm led by Founder Jason Wood, proudly announced today a premier agency agreement with Delivr, the disruptive tech platform founded by Gregory Kotovos. This strategic collaboration promises to open new frontiers in the digital marketing technology landscape, presenting compelling growth prospects for the alliance and reinforcing both companies’ success within the tech and data industries.

As the premier Delivr agency partner, Specificity will pair its industry knowledge and advanced audience targeting capabilities with Delivr's proprietary platform offering a comprehensive 360° view of current and potential buyers at scale to redefine data attribution industry-wide. The partnership between Specificity and Delivr.ai is poised to unlock strategic growth opportunities in the dynamic realm of digital marketing technology.

Founder and CEO, Jason Wood, has steered Specificity (OTCQB:SPTY) to the forefront of the digital marketing sector. Renowned for delivering advanced marketing solutions to both B2B and B2C clients, Specificity has carved its niche by offering unparalleled audience targeting capabilities. Specificity's solutions, designed to identify and market to micro defined audiences in real time empowers marketers to more effectively and competitively deploy AdTech and drive digital results.

"Our partnership with Delivr signifies a significant leap forward in the digital marketing landscape. Delivr allows us to do more than just promise better data; thanks to this partnership we can now deliver proof of accuracy while helping clients build smarter, more accurate first party data sets. The synergy of our capabilities presents exciting growth opportunities, making this alliance an attractive proposition for tech-focused investors looking to capitalize on the evolving digital marketing tech sector," said Jason Wood, CEO of Specificity.

Delivr stands as the vanguard of technology, providing the industry's only platform offering a comprehensive 360° view of current and potential buyers at scale. The platform enables judicious budget allocation, asset optimization, and the conversion of digital tactics and properties into reliable performance channels.

"Delivr is thrilled to align forces with Specificity, a recognized leader in digital marketing. Together, we aim to provide investors with a unique opportunity to participate in the growth and innovation of the digital marketing technology space," commented Gregory Kotovos, Founder of Delivr.

Delivr.ai advocates for a shift away from quick fixes and short-term campaigns, focusing on always-on, long-term strategies that yield sustainable results. Its success is anchored in the Identity Resolution framework, offering a consistent, real-time identity perspective across various touchpoints in complex buyer journeys.

About Specificity (OTCQB:SPTY)

Specificity (OTCQB:SPTY) is a full-service digital marketing and tech firm based in Tampa, Florida. With a mission to deliver cutting-edge marketing solutions, Specificity specializes in advanced audience targeting for both B2B and B2C clients. For more information, visit specificityinc.com.

About Delivr:

Delivr is a revolutionary tech platform founded by Gregory Kotovos. It offers a 360° view of current and prospective buyers at scale, enabling marketers to transform strategies at the speed of data. Delivr's Identity Resolution framework enhances customer understanding across various touchpoints, ensuring optimal marketing decision-making. For more information, visit Delivr.ai

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