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iKW Solutions celebrate over 30 years of providing integration solutions for the toughest ERP challenges

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iKW Solutions, an IT, business process engineering, and consulting company, celebrates over 3 decades of handling complex ERP issues through in-depth technical and application advisory.

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iKW Solutions, a leading provider of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technical and application advisory consulting, celebrates 30 years of industry experience. The business was founded in 2017, but managing partners Matthew Aarsvold and Randal York have reached over 30 years in the ERP space. As iKW Solutions continues to be a go-to resource for end-to-end ERP support, Matthew and Randal hope for a greater industry shift that will be more client-centered.

ERP software has been in use since the 1990s. It has developed rapidly as more organizations have leveraged its convenient, structured approach to streamlining business management. These systems have significantly enhanced business visibility and efficiency, but it remains difficult to standardize software across a single business, multiple organizations, or even across entire industries. iKW Solutions managing partner Matthew Aarsvold has witnessed several shifts in the ERP space throughout his career. While many things have improved alongside technological innovations, Matthew believes many changes must be made.

“Some companies misunderstand which system is most cost-effective for their current needs and the future of their business. As a result, organizations overpay for system installation and migration services that may not benefit the business because the software cannot be modified or adapted over time,” Aarsvold adds. “ERP software is essential for business operations, yet it is extremely time-consuming and expensive to install, streamline, upgrade and maintain this technology.”

iKW Solutions addresses these industry struggles by remaining transparent and client-centered in its consulting process. Matthew and Randal also have unmatched expertise, allowing them to pinpoint what solutions and providers are best suited to a client. Their knowledgeable and experienced approach to business lets them provide solutions without any vested interest. iKW Solutions also offers a free consultation to discuss a business’ goals without the pressure of payment.

iKW Solutions is an Oracle and Microsoft business partner and provides consulting services to all those ERP products, with expertise in SAP as well. Due to its small team, iKW Solutions can serve clients in the US and abroad with great agility. Their diverse industry experience, wide range of solutions, and track record of success differentiate them from competitors who offer less advanced services at a much higher price.

Throughout iKW Solutions’ history, the company has completed more than 300 ERP implementations in over 70 countries. These successes continued before the company’s founding as Matthew and Randal have previously owned and operated several ERP consultancies. One of their businesses was acquired by a billion-dollar competitor in the 1990s.

Alongside their success, Matthew and Randal have faced multiple challenges in the industry. As the need for ERP systems globalized, so did the providers offering technical and implementation advisory services. Competition became fierce and these struggles were only exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this, iKW Solutions has emerged as one of the leading JD Edwards ERP consultancies. The company strategically works within the capital asset management space but has also collaborated with clients in government sectors, healthcare systems, financial institutions, and energy industries. iKW Solutions can uniquely accommodate the needs of Fortune 500 companies and SMBs.

Whether your company would like to conduct a database health check or initiate a full-scale ERP Cloud integration, iKW Solutions can lead you in the right direction. Visit their website and request a free consultation to discover how they can help your business.

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