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Garbage Can Hauling Device Maker Garbage Commander Adds New Videos on Website

Last updated Wednesday, February 7, 2024 08:51 ET

There are full assembly videos, specific step videos, installation videos, how-to guides, and many more. They are also available on YouTube.

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Garbage Commander, maker of garbage can hauling devices, is pleased to share that it has updated its website with new videos. One can find full assembly videos, specific step videos, installation videos, how-to guides, and many more on its website and YouTube channel. Its channel currently has 27 uploaded videos, which are mostly tutorials that help users install garbage hook mounting devices. The videos walk users through various processes of installing the garbage can hauling devices, such as assembling the SR or DR upright, installing the double arm, determining hook placement for double arm units, and performing full assembly and installation of dual receiver mounted garbage hooks.

Garbage Commander creates garbage can hauling devices.
Garbage Commander

Garbage Commander has developed the most innovative long-drive hauling garbage can solutions. One particularly engaging video showcases the creators traveling to different places to find real people struggling when hauling their garbage cans on steep and long driveways. Many people from all over the world experience the same garbage can problem. They have to carry their cans manually, and it is not possible to carry them without help.

Garbage Commander’s long-drive hauling garbage can solutions have gained so much attention due to its thoughtful consideration of common trash can struggles. With these solutions, one can haul garbage cans easily and with little or no effort. The featured videos on its website help users know their product better to maximize their investment.

Garbage Commander offers the ultimate solution for hauling trash cans. All its products underwent rigorous testing. With over 20,000 units sold already, it is only a matter of time before every home or establishment uses a Garbage Commander garbage can hauling device.

Aside from videos, the website provides important information and guidelines for using the garbage can hauling devices and garbage hook mounting. Users must ensure that the nuts and bolts are always tightened with a tool, not just finger strength. Locknuts can be used on the bolt to prevent it from getting loose. When the trash cans are being hauled, drivers must ensure they do not exceed the speed limit of over 15mph. On rough surfaces, it is better to go slower than usual. The trash cans should never be overloaded.

Long-drive hauling garbage can solutions have been tested to determine how much weight the garbage hook mounting can bear, and it is anywhere between 75 and 100 lbs. The trash cans should never be towed on public roads. Using the clips will keep the cans from coming loose or tipped while being hauled. The hooks must be removed when not in use, as they can swing back and cause damage to the vehicles. Never back up with the garbage can attached. The Garbage Commander website features the most important videos and tutorials to help customers maximize their investment while keeping their vehicles and surroundings safe.

To learn more, visit https://www.garbagecommander.com/information.

About Garbage Commander

Garbage Commander creates garbage can hauling devices. Made in America, this company has three patented designs in garbage hooks, all made of heavy, 11-gauge steel, laser cut formed, and powder coated finish. These garbage can hauling devices are the most practical solutions for picking up trash cans in long, steep driveways.


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