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Interlog Logistics Announces Fundraising Initiative as It Seeks to Facilitate Growing Mexico-US-Canada Trade

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Land-based freight forwarder Interlog Logistics is searching for investors to help it grow its technological capabilities, taking advantage of growing trade between Mexico, the US, and Canada.

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Interlog Logistics, a freight forwarder specializing in land-based freight transportation from Mexico to the US and Canada, has announced that it is searching for investors to help it scale up its business and technology capabilities, taking advantage of the growing trade between Mexico and its northern neighbors.

In 2023, Mexico replaced China as the US’ number one trading partner, thanks to Mexico’s developing economy, geographical proximity, and the growing nearshoring movement in the US. Geopolitical issues between the US and China and supply chain disruption have encouraged Washington to look elsewhere for manufacturing and other trading activities. Mexico boasts numerous advantages, making American companies more open to working with Mexican partners.

Canada is another strong trade partner of Mexico, with steadily growing trade totaling almost $50 billion in 2022. As a result, Export Development Canada (EDC) has identified Mexico as a priority market.

As the trade situation continues to develop in Mexico’s favor, Interlog Logistics is well-positioned to facilitate land-based freight shipping to the US and Canada, and vice versa. Interlog was founded in late 2021 by Gerardo Beltran-Valle after he realized the rapidly growing demand. He established a database of clients that were looking for carriers of goods into the US and Canada, and Interlog has continued to grow that database. Interlog also provides various services, such as transhipping, warehousing, customs procedures, and merchandise review.

According to Beltran-Valle, Interlog is seeking investment to bolster its technological capabilities. One of its projects is to create a Mexico-based freight exchange digital platform that automatically connects Mexico-based exporters with freight carriers and truckers to carry goods across the border. While various US-based services do this, there is no equivalent in Mexico. Beltran-Valle says that creating such a solution can greatly improve the efficiency of the shipping process and reduce costs for all parties involved. Interlog owns numerous dry van containers, and it can lease these to truckers that do not have dry vans, allowing them to ship goods to the US and Canada.

Another project is to create a new subsidiary company, known as Interlog Capital. This new division is a financial technology (fintech) company that provides working capital for Mexican exporters, ensuring that they have sufficient cash flow to fulfill orders. Investors in Interlog Capital will be able to benefit from Mexico’s favorable dollar exchange and interest rates. All exporters and importers in Mexico will be able to access revolving credit to continue growing their sales capacity.

According to Beltran-Valle, what sets Interlog apart from other Mexico-based freight forwarders is its technology-enabled thinking, high level of service, and competitive rates. In the short term, Interlog is seeking to majorly build its technology capabilities to make its database more efficient and expansive. In the longer term, it seeks to acquire more assets for cross-border freight operations.

“Trade and economic relations between Mexico, the US, and Canada are growing stronger, and there is an increased demand for land-based shipping between the three countries,” Beltran-Valle says. “Interlog Logistics is well-positioned to facilitate that growing trade, through our technology-oriented solutions and expert knowledge of the market. We are looking forward to working with various investors and business partners to harness the accelerating trade situation that is set to generate substantial value over the coming years and decades.”

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