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Robot Wealth Unveils Trade Like a Quant Bootcamp for Enthusiastic Traders

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Robot Wealth's Trade Like a Quant Bootcamp opens its doors to enthusiastic traders, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to navigate financial markets successfully.

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Mastering systematic trading requires a strategic, data-driven approach. For those seeking to elevate their trading skills, Robot Wealth's (RW) highly anticipated Trade Like a Quant Bootcamp will open its doors in mid-February 2024. Tried and tested by over 1,200 traders, the Bootcamp equips aspiring and experienced traders with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the world of financial markets.

Robot Wealth, a dedicated trading education company based in Western Australia, stands out for its holistic approach to education. Its roots stem from the vision of Kris Longmore, a self-taught systematic trader and former engineer, of a platform that allows traders to enhance their trading capabilities. Finance veteran James Hodges later joined Kris in this endeavor, enabling Robot Wealth to foster a collaborative environment.

Acknowledging that market intuition is hard to come by, Kris and James developed a four-week trading course. The course is divided into two parts, each addressing crucial aspects of the fundamentals of trading. The first part, "Trade like a Quant," focuses on enhancing market intuition. "The first three modules explore the market's true nature, identify high-probability opportunities, and pinpoint inefficiencies. We share numerous examples, drawing from historical successes, current strategies, and professional-level techniques. Our goal in these modules is to educate participants on what works and what doesn't in trading," Kris expounded.

The first module sets the foundation of the course as it delves into the complexities of market structure, batch auctions, and central limit order books. With this, traders gain a more profound understanding of the market, debunking the misconception that it is similar to a casino driven solely by fear, greed, and emotions. By the end of Module 1, participants would be able to view the market realistically rather than optimistically.

To help build market intuition Kris and James explore a ton of examples of real strategies from the past till today, many of which are realistically attainable for the part-time trader.

Meanwhile, the second part, "Quant like a Trader," is an introduction to essential techniques. It covers data analysis and portfolio construction tools necessary for analyzing market inefficiencies and managing trades effectively. "Overall, the goal of this course is to impart knowledge crucial for gaining a competitive edge as an independent trader. Misinformation is prevalent in this industry, so our objective is to provide a solid foundation for fellow traders by drawing from our extensive experience working with professional trading companies," Kris remarked.

Trade Like a Quant Bootcamp participants would receive a six-part training program, including video lessons and custom tools. They can join a private Discord server for real-time discussions with instructors and peers. Participants are also welcome to join RW Pro, a community of professional and part-time traders with whom Kris and James share their trades, research, data, technology, and know-how.

Ultimately, Robot Wealth guarantees participants a well-rounded and enriching learning experience. A Bootcamp participant shared, "Before I came to Robot Wealth, I had just discovered my interest in trading. I decided to give it a shot and joined my first Bootcamp. It has not only provided me with a wealth of knowledge but also a functioning trading strategy that I could easily implement with the help of Kris and James and my fellow Bootcamp members."

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