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Beyond Barriers Helps Unmask the Hoodie Effect, Leading Children Out of the Shadows

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Breaking Barriers, Therapy Services, is a company founded by Jenn Taylor and her husband Josh Taylor, focusing on empowering autistic children and families.

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Raising autistic children is a challenging task for many parents, as society often judges and questions their parenting based on their child’s behavior, leading to distress and hiding. Most parents are even unaware that their child is going through this. Jenn Taylor, the co-founder of Breaking Barriers, Therapy Services, understands this.

Jenn Taylor has dedicated nearly two decades to the field of therapy and child development. Her journey began with a profound appreciation for family dynamics and communication, sparking her passion for nurturing healthy relationships. Over the years, Jenn honed her expertise, specializing in various aspects of therapy, including older adults, individuals with traumatic brain injuries, and stroke victims.

However, it was within her own family that this Speech Language Pathologist encountered the most significant challenge. Struggling to understand and support her son, who faced traumas, Jenn experienced firsthand the complexities of parenting a child in need. Faced with limited resources and a sense of isolation, she started working towards self-discovery and advocacy, determined to break through the barriers that burdened her son’s well-being.

Reflecting on her son’s journey, Jenn emphasizes the importance of recognizing the subtle signs of distress that children may exhibit. She coined the term “hoodie effect” to describe the outward manifestations of internal pain, urging parents and caregivers to remain vigilant and empathetic. Her son's transformation journey, Jenn shares, “And now he is this thriving, successful honor student, drummer, musician, who is engaging and has friends and laughs and jokes which he never did before as a young child.”

Through these experiences, Jenn and her husband Josh Taylor developed a new approach to therapy, prioritizing family involvement and collaboration to facilitate lasting change. She spent two years studying business marketing and preparing to open her doors, with her husband's help. “Our son’s journey truly taught us the importance of looking beyond the surface and acknowledging the invisible struggles that children may face. By recognizing these signs, we can provide the support and compassion they need to heal.”

As Jenn navigated the challenges of parenting, she also pursued her entrepreneurial ambitions alongside Josh. Together, they laid the groundwork for Breaking Barriers, Therapy Services, driven by a shared commitment to providing comprehensive care for children and families. With a strategic focus on fiscal responsibility and community engagement, the Taylors established this therapy service in Saratoga Springs, Utah. Having opened their doors in 2019 on the eve of the pandemic, the co-founders not only successfully navigated the pandemic's mandates but actively thrived, opening a new location in 2023 and planning for a third soon.

The service company offers a range of services, including applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy, tailored to meet the unique needs of children with autism. By integrating behavior, communication, and physical development therapies under one roof, Breaking Barriers aims to streamline the treatment process and maximize outcomes. Moreover, the duo prioritizes empowering families to become active participants in their children’s therapy, recognizing their potential as agents of change.

Central to Breaking Barriers’ mission is the belief that every individual can thrive, given the right support and guidance. Through a collaborative approach and a relentless dedication to excellence, Breaking Barriers strives to unlock the potential within each child, to foster growth and resilience. The duo views themselves as stewards to their clients, community, and organization. Jenn Taylor's vision is to be a beacon of exceptional care, expanding their reach to multiple facilities and guiding children and families toward transformative growth through outstanding collaborative services and its slogan “Making Potential Possible.” They believe that people need to be able to find them and that they should be able to find those in need. Jenn is dedicated to expanding Breaking Barriers' reach and impact, with their slogan

The company’s values include excellence, positivity, integrity, compassion, collaboration, and creativity. Breaking Barriers, as a service provider, strives for the highest standards of quality and professionalism in assessment, treatment, and service delivery, fostering a welcoming environment that promotes engagement and progress. They maintain transparency, honesty, and ethical conduct in all interactions and decision-making processes.

Every child, their family, and the company’s coworkers are shown to be the recipients of empathy, understanding, and genuine care. The company fosters open communication and cooperation among professionals, encouraging imagination, flexibility, and open-mindedness. Breaking Barriers’ goal is to inspire innovative approaches using evidence-based practice, think outside the box, and find unique solutions that elevate the quality of care.

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