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Introducing Breakthrough M2, the Low-Calorie Homeopathic Supplement Diet That Wants To Be Your Last

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Breakthrough M2 has helped over 12,000 clients lose stubborn fat naturally with homeopathic supplements, structured eating, and coaching. The company aims to be the last diet you’ll ever need.

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Millions of people worldwide struggle to lose weight as diets can be restrictive and unhealthy when done long-term. Nanette Jenkins faced this problem herself as a young mom and college student. Losing weight and keeping it off was difficult for a variety of reasons. Some diets were too expensive or time-consuming. Others deprived her of tasty food, causing her to relapse into old habits.

Fed up with trending diets that fail, Nanette gave up on her dream of losing weight. She only began to regain faith after trying a different diet that fixed the root cause of weight gain. Nanette founded Breakthrough M2 based on the principles of this diet plan, hoping others would benefit as much as she had. Breakthrough M2 has now helped over 12,000 people lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Breakthrough M2 provides a fast, safe, and natural way to lose toxic fat with a holistic approach to dieting. Nanette and her team differentiate themselves from competitors by offering one-on-one coaching, an online community, and a structured diet plan that builds healthy eating habits.

“Breakthrough M2 utilizes a low-calorie diet and homeopathic supplements that trigger the body to target bad fat it doesn’t need,” says Nanette Jenkins. “This is a proven concept in the wellness industry that leads to a fast, but natural loss of fat. Our company adds another layer to this process by asking clients to confront the reasons they neglect their health. For many people, they eat when they’re stressed or emotional. To maintain a healthy weight, these habits have to be addressed alongside diet changes.”

Breakthrough M2 offers three diet plans for clients depending on their goals and personal preferences. The 40-Day Express Package includes a proprietary weight management system and a variety of homeopathic supplements. Additionally, clients receive an abundance of educational material that enables them to maximize their results. The 40-Day Express Package also includes one-on-one accountability coaching, access to a private online community with over 5,000 members, and a personalized online dashboard. Breakthrough M2’s dashboard keeps clients on track with a daily weight loss tracker, recipe catalog, and virtual lessons. The two other packages Breakthrough M2 offers contain additional supplements and benefits like a lifetime discount on supplements and other additions.

Breakthrough M2 plans follow a carefully designed timeline that prepares the mind and body for weight loss. The first five days help clients adjust to the new habits they will be creating. For two days following this, clients have a high-fat diet that enables their bodies to release toxic fat. The program length depends on the amount of weight a client wants to lose.

Breakthrough M2’s programs are affordable and highly effective in improving physical and mental health. The company has enabled numerous clients to lose weight efficiently and significantly reduce their cholesterol and blood pressure.

Breakthrough M2 is committed to making its diet plans the last one clients will ever need. The company plans to increase the convenience and accessibility of its digital tools with an upcoming app launch. Nanette is also scheduling in-person and virtual workshops where interested individuals can learn about the benefits of Breakthrough M2’s program. These efforts will support the company’s mission to provide natural and long-lasting results.

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