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Las Montañas Charter High School Has Been Making a Difference For More Than 15 Years in the Education Industry

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Las Montañas Charter High School breaks the traditional education system and focuses on accelerated learning and technical certification to make students job-ready.

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The American education system is one of the most diverse and complex in the world. It has been influenced by various cultures and traditions, and it constantly adapts to accommodate the changing needs of society. Nevertheless, it is not entirely suitable for all students and their respective communities.

Las Montañas Charter High School (LMCHS), established in 2007, has been providing academic instruction for more than 15 years. |Recently, it has pioneered a groundbreaking methodology, aimed at breaking the cycle of poverty prevalent in its community in Las Cruces.

Traditionally, schools focus solely on academics. Initially resembling the conventional school format, LMCHS recognized that education extends beyond textbooks and classrooms. Many of their students faced challenges due to their socioeconomic status, fewer career opportunities, and poverty. To combat these issues, the school underwent a transformative shift, aligning students’ needs with community needs.

Director and Principal Caz Martinez reflects on this journey, stating, “Our focus has always been on empowering our students to succeed in life. By bridging the gap between education and employment, we’re creating opportunities for our students to succeed.”

Recognizing the demand for skilled workers in local industries, the Las Montañas Charter High School offers a unique career pathways program that leads to complete, technical certificates upon graduation. The school also aims to connect students with employers through work-based learning or internship programs, where employers have already trained them. Once students turn 18 or graduate, they are already connected with employers, rather than having to apply for job openings. This approach allows students to transition into full-time employees after completing their courses and learning the basics.

The school’s commitment to innovation was evident when it became part of the High School Redesign Network, a state initiative providing grants for comprehensive redesign plans that include improvements to curricula and professional development for teachers, in 2019. The school was chosen as one of nine schools across the state to undergo the redesign process. Partnering with Johns Hopkins University and the State Education Department, LMCHS embarked on a journey of reinvention, tailored to the specific needs of its community.

However, this journey faced unforeseen challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic. School shutdowns exacerbated existing socio-economic disparities, prompting LMCHS to adapt and evolve its approach. Despite the hurdles, the school remains steadfast in its long-term mission to uplift the students.

Looking ahead, Las Montañas Charter High School stays committed to directing its students towards excellence. With each passing year, the school continues to refine its approach, ensuring that every student who walks through its doors emerges not only academically adept but also primed for success in the ever-evolving landscape of the 21st century.

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