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What You Wish You Knew About Real Estate: Tyson Cobb’s Life-Changing Journey to Financial Freedom

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Tyson Cobb, a real estate investor and semi-retired orthopedic surgeon, explains how real estate transformed his life; encourages aspiring investors to take the same step alongside Timberview Capital.

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Passive income has always been the most sought-after way of generating money, and the demand only increased with the rise of social media and technology. In this era, people are constantly looking for efficient and effective methods to amplify their income, and Tyson Cobb, an experienced real estate investor, believes he found the safest and most profitable way.

“I want to be very clear that I am not a financial advisor, CPA, or attorney,” says Tyson Cobb, founder of Timberview Capital. “Everything I talk about comes from my own personal experience, having done this for many years. But, investing in any asset class comes with certain risks and I want everyone to be aware of that, and enter this industry with the necessary caution, and seek their own professional advice.”

The company started out as a group of surgeons investing together and was later formalized into the network that is now called Timberview Capital, hoping to help busy professionals on their journey toward financial independence. Timberview Capital continuously investigates markets, properties, and teams, enabling its partners to make informed decisions. The company’s main focus is on syndications and investing in multifamily properties, ensuring presented opportunities have strong foundations, and can provide investors with success.

In 2019, after meeting Brian Scrone, author of What Matters Most, at an investor event in Denver, Tyson understood what’s been missing from his life. Brian Scrone introduced Tyson to the power of The 5 Fs (faith, family, fitness, friends, finances), and the founder of Timberview Capital realized the importance of living purposefully.

“When I was a full-time surgeon, I used to work 14 hours a day, barely saw my children, and didn’t have many real friends outside of work. Although I was making good money, I felt that something was missing. If you’re intentional, your life automatically changes, and you get to live it on your own terms. To do that, you need to get out of the rat race, and realize that quality of life matters more than money,” shares Tyson.

Tyson Cobb is no stranger to investing. He’s been relying on stocks and multiple other asset classes for over 40 years but grew tired of the inconsistency and volatility of most markets. Tyson found financial freedom and improved his quality of life through real estate investing. Although his real estate experience already totals over $628 million, Tyson continues to acquire investments and joint ventures with partners, and is encouraging aspiring investors to start obtaining large assets in syndications.

There are many tax advantaged opportunities in real estate that drastically enhance the velocity of wealth growth, through depreciation which is actually a paper loss. “Much of the US tax code is written to encourage investors to invest in asset classes where the people in charge benefit the most - such as housing,” explains Tyson.

Depreciation will offset the income for other real estate or passive taxable gains. However, real estate also offers countless tax advantages for one’s active income, once you’re able to qualify as a real estate professional. To qualify, you need at least 750 hours in a year managing real estate related activities. For Tyson, that is a small price to pay for the numerous benefits that await. Tyson emphasizes that even if an individual isn’t able to put in that much work, their spouse can qualify instead, and that will offset both of their active taxable income such as their W2, if they are filing their taxes jointly.

The 21st century is abundant with different ways of generating passive income, but Tyson, with his over-40-year-long investing experience, considers real estate as the most reliable one, “If you’re set up appropriately, oil and gas investing will be profitable, too. However, you need to be careful, as the fees can be exceedingly high with these investments. When it comes to stocks, you’re paying taxes every time you sell. Whereas with real estate, all investments come full circle, and you can offset your income with depreciation, and just roll it forward.”

Although Tyson is no longer a full-time surgeon, he still operates once a week, and it’s his mission to help other busy doctors achieve a better quality of life. However, Tyson stresses the versatility of real estate investing. “No matter if you have $1 million or $50,000, Timberview Capital is excited to take you on board as a Limited Partner. As a General Partner, we do all the work, and take risks early on, providing an environment where Limited Partners can flourish, build generational wealth, and safeguard their retirement – all while taking minimal risk,” states Tyson, hoping to inspire all investors to be more proactive about their future.

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