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Saving the World Can’t Wait Any Longer: Phil Powell, Founder of Gwent Energy, Calls for Investors’ Help

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Phil Powell, founder and CEO of Gwent Energy, emphasizes the urgency of reducing carbon emissions, and announces a funding initiative.

Chepstow, Wales, 02/27/2024 / SubmitMyPR /

High carbon emissions, gas and oil industries, irresponsible energy use, and many other factors contributed to the alarming shift the Earth has been going through. As stated in a recent NASA report, currently, climate change is happening at a speed not seen in the past 10,000 years. Phil Powell, the founder of Gwent Energy, has been involved with energy-efficient community projects for many years, stating, “I’m on a mission to save the world, but I am behind schedule and I need your help.”

As a community interest company, Gwent Energy has been assisting individuals, communities, and small businesses in reducing energy bills and benefiting from renewable energy while minimizing carbon emissions. Gwent Energy is devoted to spreading environmental awareness and hopes to improve tens of thousands more households, offices, and neighborhoods in underprivileged areas. Gwent Energy is a not-for-profit organization which means two things; one—the small, 6-people team is driven by sheer passion and commitment to saving the planet, and two—Gwent Energy isn’t benefiting from the work they do, making it difficult to fulfill their mission.

“We know exactly what to do, and we know how to do it well. It’s a matter of finding the resources and sufficient funding. We all live on the Earth together, and together we must face the harrowing effects of climate change. Just look at the extreme weather effects that have been happening around the globe over the last couple of decades.” stresses Phil.

Gwent Energy collaborates with a few local councils and organizations but requires more help. “I don’t want to desperately seek money but the Earth needs desperate attention. It leaves me no choice,” added Phil. The company received a significant amount of funding a few years back but, due to COVID-19, Gwent Energy’s income paused for over nine months. The not-for-profit venture also used to receive considerable funding from the EU, which sorrowfully stopped after Brexit and hasn’t been replaced.

From Phil’s experience, most people realize the urgency of environmental proactiveness but don’t know where to start. Gwent Energy, on its mission to fight and slow down climate change, is eager to partner up with commercial investors but also private people who desire to play their part in Gwent Energy’s noble mission.

Solar system installation by Gwent Energy

Since its launch in 2008, Gwent Energy installed over 400 Solar systems, delivering energy-saving systems to various community organizations, SMEs, and local residents. Currently, the company is developing a plan to improve an old school, where volunteers aid and guide people with severe learning difficulties and disabilities. After evaluating the project, Phil believes the organization could save £17,000 a year on electricity, allowing it to focus more on its virtuous mission. The ballpark estimate for that project is £30,000, and Gwent Energy can’t afford to cover the entire cost.

“Most people we speak to are aware of climate change, they know it’s a problem, and they’re happy to take action. The problem is, that they don’t know where to begin. I understand it’s an overwhelming subject, and we hope to be that approachable, starting point,” shared Phil. “If everyone does their part, we have a high chance to solve climate change.”

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