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RoadProof’s Mission to Make Roads Safer Just Got Closer with OVER 1 Million AI-flagged Traffic Incidents Databased

Last updated Thursday, February 29, 2024 10:56 ET

RoadProof, an entirely US-based tech startup specializing in data solutions for car accidents and other traffic-related data analysis, has collected over 1 million AI-flagged roadway incidents.

Indianola, Iowa, 02/29/2024 / SubmitMyPR /

RoadProof has reached a significant milestone of over 1 million AI-flagged incidents in its national database providing real-time traffic camera footage and weather information. The company’s innovative data solutions are designed to instantly detect roadway incidents and then preserve critical evidence needed to support those involved in severe car accidents as well as first responders, accident scene reconstruction companies, insurance companies, and law enforcement.

When speaking to Cardale Harrison, RoadProof’s Director of Partnerships, it was clear this team has a core passion behind the work they do.

“Our goal is to capture this traffic data for evidence and deep analysis,” he says. “We want to help people and State level agencies by providing them with the data needed to make critical decisions. The idea behind this has always been to make tomorrow’s drivers safer and that starts with truly understanding today’s roadways.”

By harnessing the power of AI technology and existing infrastructure, RoadProof has developed one of the first national databases for traffic data. This accomplishment fills the gaps left behind by overburdened State and Federal transportation departments. As a result, RoadProof’s platform provides unparalleled data access across an aggressively growing footprint.

Surpassing over 1 million incidents on RoadProof is a meaningful milestone for the business as each incident helps the company’s artificial intelligence model improve its accident detection, traffic counting system, and predictive analysis designed to help prevent future incidents.

“Car accidents are a tragic event no one wants to experience. However, RoadProof ensures that victims are more than numbers and that we, as a nation, are collecting the data in such a way that future changes, designed to save lives, are possible,” Cardale explained while showing us how the system works.

Although RoadProof is not currently designed for public use for privacy reasons, they’re eager to help businesses or agencies, both public and private. Many different industries are interested in leveraging the platform and the vast data pool it’s built on.

People searching for traffic data must submit a request for information. After providing the approximate day and time along with location and car details, RoadProof will share video evidence of the accident that is accompanied by weather data with its licensed users. The information can’t be modified from its original format and is accepted as legal evidence in court.

RoadProof was founded in 2022 but is quickly becoming a trustworthy resource for traffic data and video evidence for incidents on US roadways. They’re working to constantly improve data by heavily investing in artificial intelligence.

Although it’s not simple to centralize and categorize traffic data like this, RoadProof’s team is dedicated to creating essential infrastructure to support what they see as the future of traffic safety.

As RoadProof continues its journey to becoming the country’s trusted national traffic database, it invites more transportation stakeholders to join forces with it.

Together, the future would be a lot brighter as research shows that roughly 117 people die daily on US roadways. With RoadProof’s innovative approach and the support of critical public entities, countless more people would make it back home to their loved ones.

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