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Stock Tokenization Platform, Reflection, Seeks Investment and Strategic Partnerships for Ambitious Growth Plans

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Reflection seeks funding, investment, and partnerships to propel the innovative stock tokenization platform into new phases of development and global expansion.

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Rising stock tokenization platform Reflection seeks funding, investments, and partnerships to ensure its sustained success and growth while remaining at the forefront of the industry. Reflection stands out as a groundbreaking platform that allows users to trade stock tokens or tokenized versions of listed stocks backed one-to-one by real stock shares.

The platform is founded by Peter Spiro, a seasoned professional with decades of experience in institutional stock trading and computer programming. Leveraging his exceptional expertise, Spiro developed Reflection to redefine stock token trading. The live platform has been successfully launched in India, featuring a web app that supports both mobile and desktop users. It is deployed on Google Cloud, showcasing Reflection's commitment to robust and secure infrastructure.

Reflection allows users to engage in the purchase and redemption of stock tokens. Each token serves as a cryptographic representation of a share of stock in a publicly traded company. The platform distinguishes itself with its ability to mirror the price movements of associated stocks within a very small margin. These stock tokens are bought or sold using stablecoins, guaranteeing users' seamless trading experience.

"Holding a stock token on Reflection is just like owning traditional stock, but with a unique twist. Holders will profit or incur losses, just like with regular stocks. But unlike regular stocks, stock tokens can be sent to anyone, anywhere in the world, instantly, and for free,” added Spiro.

Many might wonder, "How can users be assured that Reflection will buy back tokens at the then-current stock price in the future?" The platform employs a meticulous process wherein, as a user purchases a stock token, Reflection immediately acquires the underlying stock and holds it until the token is redeemed. This one-to-one backing ensures that stock price fluctuations do not affect the platform's ability to honor redemptions.

Besides this thorough method, Reflection emerges as a revolutionary platform because it introduces RUSD, a new stablecoin backed 100% by a combination of cash and stablecoins like Tether (USDT) and USD Coin (USDC). It is a valuable asset in the Reflection ecosystem that facilitates transactions and can always be converted into other stablecoins or cash.

Reflection offers various advantages over traditional stock buying. Firstly, users can send tokens to others in a snap of a finger. Because Reflection stock tokens are ERC20 tokens, they can be sent between crypto wallets with ease. This opens opportunities for gifting, prizes, rewards, payments, and even collateral for loans.

In addition, the platform supports fractional shares. Some brokers are still catching up with this feature, but Reflection ensures users can enter orders based on the desired number of shares, or dollar amount of the transaction. The platform's focus on privacy and security is also a plus factor, giving users peace of mind amid the changing regulatory landscapes.

Reflection illustrates its dedication to reaching a broader demographic by catering to the unbanked, given that it does not require a bank account throughout the process.

Soon the platform will support advanced features such as short selling, margin trading, basket trading, and automated currency conversion. Users will be able to buy stock tokens using any supported stablecoin, irrespective of the currency associated with the underlying stock. This will streamline the investment process and make global trading more accessible.

Reflection has a shortlist of target countries for further expansion. Among them are the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Singapore, Nigeria, and ultimately the US. Each expansion is meticulously planned and involves engagement with specialized attorneys in securities and blockchain. The funds raised would play a pivotal role in these expansion plans. Reflection envisions its tokens becoming ubiquitous, and trading on multiple exchanges throughout the crypto landscape.

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