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HUG Center Expands Services in Troy, MI, for ADHD Behavioral Therapist, Down Syndrome, and Autism Therapy

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It specializes in ABA therapy, art therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and more.

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HUG Center is pleased to share that it has expanded its services in Troy, Michigan, to support children with ADHD, Down syndrome, and autism. The center is a haven where children of all abilities can learn, grow, and live their best lives. Specializing in ABA therapy + integrated services in the Greater Detroit area, it provides customized services to address each child’s unique learning needs.

HUG Center provides a wide range of therapeutic services for children of all abilities.
HUG Center

HUG Center has a wide range of programs and therapies to choose from, including ABA therapy, art therapy, feeding therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, caregiver training, school consultations, and social groups. It takes an innovative and multidisciplinary approach to therapy for children with Down syndrome, autism, ADHD, and other neurodevelopmental conditions. With the child as the center, every program is planned to meet their unique interests, needs, and strengths. The individualized program is implemented in a safe and inclusive environment. The center believes in equitable and ethical care backed by the highest standards of service.

All children are treated with the same amount of respect and dignity. The team is always open and transparent with their communication. The HUG Center strives to create an environment that is neurodiversity-affirming. The idea is not to fix the differences that these children have but to improve their participation in daily activities and routines in a given community setting. The team consists of skilled, trained, and certified clinicians with several years of combined experience and expertise to help augment the child’s developmental journey forward. The center uses a rigorous hiring process to employ only the most qualified professionals in the field.

The programs are designed in an engaging and fun way. They are play-based and specifically formulated to foster the development of skills currently existing or emerging in the child. Backed by evidence-based therapies, these programs target the child’s individualized goals. The center also follows cross-disciplinary collaboration among the professionals. The clinicians come together and develop the most personalized therapeutic plans by keeping the family members in the process. By working together, the team can identify a mix of therapies that fit seamlessly into the child’s developmental needs. The therapists at HUG Center work with the child at the center, at home, or in school. Apart from its wide range of therapy services, children can also benefit from its various enriching activities such as art classes, movement, language development, and more.

To learn more, visit https://hugcenter.com/.

About HUG Center

HUG Center provides a wide range of therapeutic services for children of all abilities. The center was founded by Zeina Kaddoum, Ph.D. in Population Health, a professor and a mother of two. Zeina has more than 10 years of experience as an educator and brings a wealth of knowledge to the therapeutic programs designed for neurodivergent children and their families. The center is committed to providing various growth opportunities to help children reach their highest potential.



HUG Center

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