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Meet Dara Legard, a California-based entrepreneur empowering lives through compassion

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Dara Legard, founder of YMOM and Call Me Dee Petty Sitter, is driven by compassion, community service, and philanthropy.

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Entrepreneur, model, actress, golfer, painter, pet sitter, and philanthropist - one woman, many hats.

Dara Legard, known by many as Yella Vanella, is carving a distinctive path marked by compassion, community service, and an unwavering commitment to making a positive impact. As the founder of YMOM (Yella Moment of Movements) and Call Me Dee Petty Sitter, Dara's story unfolds the transformative power of entrepreneurship guided by a philanthropic spirit.

Hailing from South Bend, Indiana, Dara's journey began with a passion for helping others. Her entrepreneurial venture, YMOM, initially focused on providing T-shirts to those affected by tragic accidents. The catalyst for this endeavor was a poignant story of a family struggling with the loss of their daughter in a car accident. Dara's response was to create T-shirts funded by customer donations, evolving YMOM into a movement that symbolizes solidarity and contributes to alleviating the hardships faced by families in crisis.

Dara's entrepreneurial spirit expanded beyond apparel, leading her to venture into the pet care industry with Call Me Dee Petty Sitter. Drawing on her love for animals and a previous aspiration for a career in veterinary surgery, Dara established a comprehensive pet-sitting business. The services offered, ranging from daily house sitting to dog boarding, reflect a commitment to the well-being of pets, aligning with her vision of creating a safer and more supportive environment for animals.

Dara's approach is distinguished by her intention to turn YMOM into a multifaceted enterprise. Her ambition is not merely financial success but the creation of a business conglomerate that serves as a force for good. Dara envisions using profits from her ventures to establish nonprofit initiatives, drawing parallels with nonprofit humanitarian organizations. This forward-thinking strategy aims to address critical needs in society, from blood donation to providing clothing and shelter for animals and people.

This passionate philanthropist always wanted to work with Lexus cars and provide scholarships for college students to get their first cars. Her dedication to giving back is eloquently summarized in Dara’s own words: "I believe that we can all make it in the end, and my goal is to show that we can all make it together." Her vision extends beyond material support, encapsulating a desire to create a world where individuals uplift and support one another. This ethos will be manifested in her therapeutic service, Yella Remedy Solutions, which will be designed to provide a sense of hope and support for those facing mental health challenges.

Dara's journey reflects a remarkable fusion of her diverse background in sports, modeling, and animal care. Her endeavor, Y - Fragrance, a collaboration with Scentcraft, exemplifies her innovation by creating a unisex fragrance designed to evoke positive feelings.

As Dara continues to run her businesses, she remains resolute in her mission to give back, demonstrating that entrepreneurship can be a powerful vehicle for social change. Her commitment to empowering lives and fostering a sense of community reinforces the idea that success, when coupled with compassion, can become a catalyst for transformative change.

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