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Pierre Schwob’s technothriller ‘AWE’ is a tour de force

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Pierre R. Schwob’s latest book, ‘AWE,’ is an enlightened and suspenseful technothriller telling the story of brilliant champions tackling atavistic evil and menacing climate change.

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Pierre R. Schwob (some call him “the most interesting man in the world”), a renowned technologist and founder of ClassicalArchives.com, has released his latest literary masterpiece, ‘AWE.’ (See prs.com/book.html.) This groundbreaking novel delves into the imminent threat of climate change while serving as a compelling call for the wisdom and cooperation we need to confront this existential challenge.

Born out of Schwob’s deep concern over the political inertia inhibiting climate action, this novel offers a compelling story of a world teetering towards irreversible climate change and what must be overcome to avoid a global catastrophe. The story follows a memorable cast of characters, led by Pic de Lucrète and Lily Lee, as they race against time, facing lethal threats, to avert disaster.

Steve Schmidt, of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps, wrote, “Loved it!!!! Fascinating premise, exciting plot.”

‘AWE’ stands for ‘Artificial Wisdom Engine.’ Schwob built his visionary concept for what may come after AI even before the emergence of contemporary artificial intelligence technologies such as ChatGPT. His prescient narrative underscores the urgent need for humanity to transcend geopolitical divides and harness collective intelligence to address critical global issues. A globetrotter who has lived in several countries (and visited many more—he even spent time at the actual South Pole), he stages the action on a fascinating multinational backdrop.

Against a framework of rampant populism and disinformation, Schwob challenges readers to confront the existential threats facing liberal democracies. With empirical truths and expertise under assault, Schwob warns of the dire consequences of neglecting reason and solidarity in the pursuit of narrow self-interests.

One of the most intriguing aspects of this novel is Schwob’s innovative integration of classical music into the reading experience. The author suggests a carefully selected classical music work at the beginning of each chapter, to accompany the reading. (See prs.com/playlist.html) This innovative approach elevates the experience, providing readers with a heightened immersion into the narrative through a carefully curated soundscape. Reflecting on the inspiration behind this musical integration, Schwob reminisces about his formative years, when an evocative Tchaikovsky piano concerto happened to perfectly dovetail the passage of a novel he was reading.

Pierre’s creative endeavors extend beyond the realm of literature. He collaborated with composer Nolan Gasser to conceive and author ‘Cosmic Reflection,’ a narrated symphony teaching the history of the universe which premiered, standing-room-only, at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in Washington, DC. This interdisciplinary approach underscores Schwob's aspiration to foster a dialogue between the arts and sciences.

In his novel ‘AWE,’ Schwob espouses a message of hope amidst the prevailing doom and gloom of climate discourse. Through compelling character development, intricate plotlines, and science made accessible, he teaches as well as entertains, underscoring the imperative for optimism when it is tempered by realism while confronting global challenges. The fact that it also has a wicked sense of humor only adds to the appeal of the story.

Prof. Peter F. Michelson wrote, “I shared Pierre Schwob’s novel AWE with several of my Stanford colleagues. The reaction of all of us was similar; the novel is not only timely and informative but suspenseful. I could not put it down. The story is most intriguing, and each character is memorable and believable. I particularly liked the threads of science and explanations presented conversationally. The reader will come away both intrigued and more knowledgeable. Well done!”

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