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Visionary and Dad of 10, Tommy Latham Helps You Find Success in Parenting, Business, and Life

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Tommy Latham, dad of 10, offers guidance on work-life balance with The Dad Formula.

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Among married couples in the United States, women’s financial contributions have grown steadily over the last half-century. The typical structure where the father or male member is the breadwinner and the female member takes care of the household and children is gradually changing. Today, men’s share of participation in parenting has virtually tripled as compared to fathers of a generation ago. Amidst these societal changes, Tommy Latham emerges as a beacon of insight and guidance for individuals striving to navigate the complexities of modern parenthood while pursuing their professional aspirations. Renowned as a visionary coach, business builder, and dad of 10, Tommy embodies the essence of work-life balance, offering a roadmap to unlock one’s full potential in parenting, business, and life.

Recent studies have highlighted that despite increasing the number of hours dedicated to their careers, both mothers and fathers are trying to spend quality time with their children more than in previous generations. These younger fathers have aspirations of what real fatherhood looks like. For them, there’s equality at home, and both they and their spouse work. Therefore, it is a challenging time for Dads because most of their role models do it differently and face different expectations.

Tommy stresses the fact that “Working dads are also loaded down with stress, just like women, but they’re usually unwilling to talk about it for fear of appearing less masculine. As we all know, guys are not particularly good at asking for directions.”

Tommy Latham’s journey is a testament to his multifaceted expertise and unwavering commitment to empowering others. As the creative force behind numerous successful personal brands, including fitness celebrities, pro sports groups, and bestselling authors, he has garnered national acclaim for his ability to harness the power of personal branding.

Recognizing the dearth of resources tailored specifically for dads in the coaching sphere, Latham set out to fill this void with his groundbreaking program, “The Dad Formula.” Designed to equip fathers with the tools like the “Dad Org Chart” and strategies needed to achieve a harmonious work-life balance, this comprehensive program transcends traditional notions of parenting advice, offering a holistic approach that integrates personal development, entrepreneurship, and time management.

At the heart of “The Dad Formula” lies Latham’s unwavering belief in the transformative power of mindset shifts and strategic planning for work-life balance. Drawing upon his own experiences as a father of 10 and a volunteer wilderness medic, he imparts invaluable insights on how to navigate the complexities of parenthood while pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors and outdoor family adventures.

The Dad Org Chart helps identify the main tasks that are allocated in a family, such as driving kids to school, household chores, and performing repairs. He has divided the tasks into working or advising, with each parent spending a percentage of time on a task whilst also assigning ownership of the decision-making to one or the other. The chart also helps highlight on how to stay in their ‘lanes’ when dealing with issues like discipline with the kids.

Moreover, Latham’s impact extends beyond the realm of coaching, as evidenced by his prolific contributions to the literary world. With the upcoming release of his latest book, “How to Raise Analog Kids in a Digital World…And Not Make Them Hate You For It,” he continues to offer invaluable insights into the intricacies of parenting in the digital age.

Understanding the value of time, he has also introduced a mini-course “Dad 4” which covers the four Fs much needed - faith, family, fitness, and finances. The course also includes a module on creating habits that stick and the Comfort Zone Thunderstorm, which helps dads get out of their comfort zone and achieve a great work-life balance.

Latham’s philosophy is the notion of embracing chaos as a catalyst for growth and transformation. By developing systems, lowering expectations, and prioritizing tasks, he guides individuals toward achieving a sense of clarity and purpose in both their personal and professional lives.

In addition to his coaching endeavors, Latham hosts “The Dad Formula Podcast,” a platform where he shares his adventures in raising 10 kids alongside his experiences in promoting top names in sports, fitness, and entertainment. Also the “The Daily Drive for Dads Podcast,” a 3 to 5-minute daily dose of inspiration for the drive home. These podcasts are tailored specifically for stay-at-home dads, work-from-home dads, and working dads alike, serving as a treasure trove of practical tools and insights for achieving work-life balance and nurturing strong familial bonds.

Tommy also offers courses and coaching programs like the “Dad Hustle Course” on how to build an online content creation business from home. His teachings cover time management, building an online business, unlocking entrepreneurial potential, and providing practical solutions for modern parents.

As Tommy Latham continues to redefine the paradigm of modern fatherhood, his visionary approach and unwavering commitment to empowering others serve as a guiding light for individuals seeking to excel in parenting, business, and life. Through his transformative programs, insightful teachings, and unwavering passion, he epitomizes the essence of success in the digital age.

“My goal is to make you the most successful parent possible, so you have no regrets, only memories,” Tommy states. In a world where the pursuit of success frequently comes at the expense of personal fulfillment, Tommy Latham is changing the dynamics of how fathers can run successful businesses while also becoming rockstar Dads.

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