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Peaceful Leaders Academy Launches New Book on Building Trust and Inclusion in Organizations

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Peaceful Leaders Academy unveils 'Peaceful Leadership' book by Pollack Peacebuilding, enhancing organizational safety, trust, and inclusion.

Phoenix, AZ, 03/10/2024 / SubmitMyPR /

Peaceful Leaders Academy, from Pollack Peacebuilding Systems for organizational and leadership development, is pleased to announce the launch of its new book, "Peaceful Leadership: Tools and Techniques for Fostering Psychological Safety, Trust, and Inclusion in Your Organization".

The new book centers around the three pillars of leadership - trust, psychological safety, and inclusion - that directly relate to every person’s basic psychological needs within an organization. Developed by conflict experts, it is specifically designed to prevent conflicts while fostering peace within corporate cultures as well as in other types of organizational settings.

Peaceful Leadership covers the way to fulfill these needs by engaging competency in five pivotal areas that include patience, appreciation, engagement, empowerment, and curiosity. The book is the only one of its kind that applies a peacebuilding model to organizational development, which can be learned and applied by leaders in a wide array of settings. It can be a useful tool for supervisors in the workplace, community elected officials, family household leaders, and many other networks.

The goal of Peaceful Leadership is to benefit the system as a whole from the leader down to every member of each individual team. Through practical exercises, anyone can use these tactics to foster safety, trust, and inclusion. The book provides actionable steps for developing strength-based mindsets, addressing difficult behaviors, mediating co-worker conflicts, inclusive decision-making, best practices for employee reviews, receiving feedback effectively, coaching techniques, aligning the team with the company’s mission, and much more.

Peaceful Leadership was written by Dr. Jeremy Pollack, founder of Pollack Peacebuilding and Peaceful Leaders Academy; Sara Jeckovich, Program Director and Senior Peacebuilder; and Luke Wiesner, Program Director and Senior Peacebuilder. Each of these authors is highly credentialed in the areas of workplace conflict resolution training.

Sara Jeckovich has a Master of Arts degree in Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation from the School for International Training Graduate Institute, allowing her to help her clients build resilience, reconciliation, and acculturation strategies. Luke Wiesner has an M.S. in organizational leadership and has been providing mediation, coaching, training and facilitation to workplaces, families, neighbors, community organizations and individuals since 2014.

Dr. Pollack is a social-organizational psychologist and conflict resolution consultant, as well as the founder of Pollack Peacebuilding Systems - the largest workplace conflict resolution consulting firm in North America. “After intervening in thousands of conflicts at hundreds of companies in dozens of industries over the last decade, we recognized one common theme: ineffective leadership. In more than 90% of conflicts, there was some failure of leadership to adequately address the issue. That's why we created the model of Peaceful Leadership, the first leadership framework ever developed specifically through the lens of workplace conflict management and organizational peacebuilding to help leaders learn the necessary skills to de-escalate, resolve, manage, and transform conflicts in their organizations.”

Those in leadership positions of any kind or who want to climb the organizational ladder and lead teams can benefit from the methods presented in “Peaceful Leadership: Tools and Techniques for Fostering Psychological Safety, Trust, and Inclusion in Your Organization.” This new book is available for purchase in both physical and digital versions on Amazon.

About Peaceful Leaders Academy

Pollack Peacebuilding Systems has helped to resolve thousands of conflicts within hundreds of organizations for more than a decade. Recognizing a need for effective leadership, founder Dr. Jeremy Pollack created the Peaceful Leaders Academy to elevate leaders in over 80 industries in the right direction by addressing common conflicts through conflict management and communication skills. At its core, the mission is to provide the benefits of greater communication, collaboration, and unification for every team.

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