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Devart Announces Top Three Bestselling Product Lines of 2023 

Last updated Monday, March 11, 2024 10:19 ET , Source: Devart

The dbForge for SQL Server product line showed 19.6% growth in new orders last year, followed by ODBC Drivers and dbForge Studio for MySQL.

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Devart, a leading provider of database management software, announces its most performing product lines of 2023.

In 2023, Devart launched a brand new strategy for all product lines, prioritizing the enhancement of product quality, customer experience, and international expansion. The company’s revised strategy, which also includes a new approach to customer acquisition, has proven to be a competitive advantage.

The dbForge for SQL Server product line showed 19.6% growth in new orders last year, followed by ODBC Drivers and dbForge Studio for MySQL. Let's explore the functionality of these high-performing product lines and examine the features they offer to meet the demands of technical teams and software engineers in 2023.

Bestselling Product Line #1: dbForge for SQL Server

dbForge tools for SQL Server demonstrated a remarkable 19.6% growth in new orders last year. The reasons for exponential growth include a focus on customer experience, resulting in doubled industry recognitions, such as the prestigious 2023 DBTA award, G2 'SQL IDE' award, and others.

From small-scale apps to massive business solutions, SQL Server offers a wide range of capabilities and tools to meet diverse technical demands. Support for complex data types, transaction control, sophisticated indexing, data warehousing, high availability, and a range of security options are among its important characteristics that make SQL Server an indispensable tool for every software development team.

Bestselling Product Line #2: ODBC Drivers

Over the past year, Devart ODBC drivers experienced a 14.7% increase in new orders. This growth was catalyzed by the implementation of a new subscription model, which allows users to opt for a monthly fee payment instead of a one-time payment. Additionally, the product line has been rapidly expanding, providing users with fresh feature updates throughout 2023.

ODBC data source connectors are in high demand due to their compatibility with numerous third-party solutions. When utilizing Devart's ODBC connectors, accessing databases using the native protocol does not require client software. Additionally, cloud data sources can be accessed over HTTPS. With Devart's ODBC connectors, users can access both cloud data sources over HTTPS and databases directly via the native protocol, eliminating the need for client software.

Bestselling Product Line #3: dbForge Studio for MySQL

In 2023, there was a 13.3% increase in new orders for the Enterprise edition of dbForge Studio for MySQL, attributed to the release of an updated studio version featuring groundbreaking source control and other robust features.

dbForge Studio for MySQL is an advanced and reliable GUI toolkit designed for professionals who work with MariaDB and MySQL databases. This tool provides all the essential features needed to configure and carry out tasks related to MySQL and MariaDB databases. Users of Devart dbForge Studio for MySQL have reported a notable 30% increase in productivity when handling daily routine tasks and coding.

Devart CEO Dmytro Nikolaenko comments: "The results demonstrate the effectiveness of Devart's diversified product portfolio and our ability to offer optimal solutions to our customers. Our strong focus on seizing growth opportunities, diversifying revenue streams, and expanding our product range has led to significant outcomes.”

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