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Get Ahead of the Game with A Clear Mind: Gabe Nosseir, Founder, Announced New Soccer Team Workshops

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Gabe Nosseir, founder of A Clear Mind and passionate soccer and life coach, announced unique team workshops that help form deeper connections, intertwining the players and obtaining better results.

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There’s no feeling like coming on the sports field, forgetting the outside world, uniting every player’s strengths, putting literal blood, sweat, and tears into the performance, triumphing, and reveling in the victory as a team. Everyone knows succeeding at sports requires unwavering dedication, regular practice, and a pinch of talent. However, many coaches and players neglect or undervalue the psychological component of gameplay, focusing purely on physical training.

For Gabe Nosseir, founder of A Clear Mind, experienced coach, and dedicated mentor, the unbreakable bond between team members often makes or breaks the game. Through ancient techniques that optimize physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, Gabe helps teams, specifically soccer players, come together in the ritual-like act of gameplay, understanding each other on a deeper level.

Born in Brazil to Brazilian and Egyptian parents, soccer has always been in Gabe’s blood. After achieving significant successes throughout school, the sports mentor decided to teach others, eventually opening up an indoor soccer arena. During that endeavor, which lasted an impressive 20 years, Gabe, using the art of soccer, introduced a child development program, fostered a united community, and built a highly successful business. As noted by Nosseir, the triumphs transcended financial gains, and connecting people through his beloved sport was the most meaningful reward.

“As fulfilling as running a soccer business was, I’ve always had a desire to help people more profoundly,” he added. Trying to turn his craving into reality, Gabe began working with a life coach, eventually certifying as one and founding A Clear Mind in 2017. Moreover, after coaching alongside a renowned soccer player at his sports camp, Nosseir started his Clarity for Parents of Athletes podcast, aimed at helping parents establish the role that allows their kids to excel and reach their full potential.

COVID marked a pivotal turning point for Gabe and A Clear Mind; with the indoor soccer arena closing for 14 months, the transformative life coach focused on personal growth and education. During lockdown, he discovered the power of Shamanism, which he later tied in with his life-coach practices. As noted by Gabe, there are many ways to unlock one’s internal power, such as breathwork and meditation, and Shamanism is the path he followed.

“We’re all made of energy and have different frequencies depending on our thinking, what we feed our souls and bodies, the people we’re surrounded by, and how connected we are to nature,” expressed Gabe. “Through Shamanism, I help teams and individuals build their personal power and understand the two sides everyone has – essence, which is the higher-self, and false-self, which holds people back from truly flourishing in life.”

Although A Clear Mind offers programs for everyone, no matter if they’re sports players, Gabe is currently focusing on his unique team workshops geared towards soccer. According to Nosseir, individuals getting to know themselves on a deeper individual level helps the entire team excel. Furthermore, group practices through communal rituals improve the team's ability to communicate effectively and understand each other more intimately. That ultimately leads to more confidence and better results on the field and in personal life.

A Clear Mind’s workshops can be easily implemented into the teams’ weekly routine, and each session lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. Although Gabe recommends two to three meetings for optimal results, even one assembly is enough to help players skyrocket their mentality, providing them with the necessary tools to apply Gabe’s teachings unassisted. Additionally, A Clear Mind’s team workshops are available online and in person, making them accessible worldwide.

Founded in 2017 by Gabe Nosseir, A Clear Mind is aimed at fostering an understanding of one’s essence and shadow side, teaching teams and individuals to make automatic decisions that come from the higher self, letting a new level of positivity and purpose into their lives.

“I believe there’s an ego-driven mentality in many sports, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We get players to work through their demons and operate from a more open and empathetic place,” added Gabe. “A Clear Mind helps the team understand that competitiveness can come from the state of essence, shifting from the false-self. Through A Clear Mind, I can teach my methods on a larger scale, achieving my ultimate goal – bringing a higher sense of consciousness to sports.”

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