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Sara’s Kitchen Brings a Taste of the Middle East to Its New Location in Saratoga Springs, Broadway

Last updated Monday, March 11, 2024 09:58 ET

Sara’s Kitchen, a Middle Eastern restaurant founded by Sara Ali, is moving from its previous address in Wilton Mall to its new location at 419 Broadway, in the historic district of Saratoga Springs.

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Sara’s Kitchen, a family-owned restaurant specializing in the authentic flavors and warm hospitality of the Middle East, is moving to its new location at 419 Broadway in Saratoga Springs, New York. The restaurant, set to open in early March, can accommodate around 45 people for indoor service, with an additional 16 for al fresco dining during the summer months.

Sara’s Kitchen serves a wide variety of authentic Middle Eastern dishes, such as its famous shawarma wraps, skewers, fattouch and tabbouleh salads, various appetizers, and desserts such as baklawa and kunafeh.

Sara’s Kitchen was founded in 2022 by Sara Ali, with a mission to share the rich culinary traditions of her Egyptian heritage. Inheriting her skill and passion for cooking from her mother, Sara honed her craft of cooking for her brothers and other family members as they were growing up. After working as an engineer and moving to the US with her husband, Sara decided that her real calling lay in the culinary arts, so she left her stable career of 13 years in engineering to focus on her food business, which began as a stall in the farmer’s market during her free time. Customers were impressed by the taste and quality of her food, and they frequently suggested that she open up a restaurant of her own.

In May 2023, Sara’s Kitchen opened its first commercial location at Wilton Mall. Shortly after, an extremely rare opportunity for a location in the historic Broadway district emerged, so Sara decided to move there, wanting to remain as focused and hands-on with the business as possible. All of this would not have been possible if not for the encouragement and support of Kelsey Leigh, a devoted advocate and owner of Lucy’s Bar in Saratoga Springs.

In its new Broadway location, Sara’s Kitchen will take an innovative dual approach to dining. From opening until 4 pm, it is a fast-casual restaurant, similar to how it was at its previous mall location. Later on, around early May, it will then be closing for an hour, from 4 pm to 5 pm, before opening as a full-service restaurant for dinner. The new and expanded menu will also educate diners about Middle Eastern food and its intricacies, such as how an Egyptian version of a dish is different from the Lebanese version.

“I’m incredibly excited to announce that Sara’s Kitchen will be moving to its new location at 419 Broadway, Saratoga Springs,” says Sara Ali, owner and head chef of Sara’s Kitchen. “It’s been barely two years since I opened the business and less than a year since I’ve decided to go full-time, yet we are now moving into a historic district in downtown Saratoga Springs. In our new location, we will be able to reach a wider customer base, introducing them to the wonderful world of authentic Middle Eastern cuisine, and transporting them to the vibrant streets of Cairo with every bite. I look forward to welcoming our diners with our signature brand of Middle Eastern hospitality very soon.”

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