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Enter Business Unusual: FreeSpade is Putting Traditional Networking to Rest

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Launching April 2024, FreeSpade is reinventing traditional networking for executives through curated experiences, elevated events, and one-of-a-kind opportunities.

New York, New York, 03/15/2024 / SubmitMyPR /

Success can be elusive to those who rely only on dedication, passion, and expertise. The winning formula lies in connecting one-of-a-kind minds and disrupting the status quo in a market flooded with mediocrity. Practitioners of success know to reach beyond traditional methods. FreeSpade answers this call by unlocking doorways for everyone, not just anyone.

FreeSpade is a social business club, for business unusual, designed to provide elevated experiences for ambitious professionals. Launching April 2024 with a premiere event at Casa Cruz New York, FreeSpade marks the beginning of an era that fosters authentic and sincere connections among members, propelling each other’s growth to unknown heights.

In an impressive debut, FreeSpade has chosen Casa Cruz, a refined membership club in New York’s Upper East Side, for its inaugural event. On April 5th, this exclusive gathering will embody the true essence of FreeSpade, delivering bespoke experiences of the highest caliber to the 200 invited guests. The launch event will draw participants from across the globe to meet for the first collaboration of many, followed by a launch event in Barcelona to expand its global reach.

FreeSpade is a social club like no other, dedicated to rising above ordinary connections and building unique collaborations between high-profile founders and executives. Through intimate events, FreeSpade aims to cultivate conversations that spark groundbreaking ideas. While the membership is open to all, it remains exclusive to individuals who align with the club’s values, ensuring that every member actively contributes and benefits from the unique opportunities within the community.

FreeSpade addresses common issues encountered at ordinary networking events, including overcrowded spaces that hinder meaningful collaborations, and the absence of effective follow-up systems, often leading to missed opportunities. To overcome these challenges, FreeSpade has soft-launched a proprietary app that connects members globally. Through a wide range of community initiatives, the app enables mingling with valuable contacts, sharing ideas, exploring opportunities, and accessing a curated database of career, partnership, investment, and sponsorship prospects. FreeSpade has created an end-to-end solution for the most elite and discerning members of business circles.

Driven by the belief that success has no limits, FreeSpade has established a culture devoid of mundane meetings and superficial card exchanges. The real path to success lies in fostering authentic, unforced human connections, because when you bring great minds together who think unalike, visionary ideas and incomparable opportunities are formed.

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