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Regain Freedom and Purpose at Debra Wright’s Healing the Heart Retreat: Discovering the Power of Forgiveness

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Debra Wright, an experienced Life Coach facilitating forgiveness, celebrates Women’s Month by extending an invitation to an all-women Healing the Heart retreat in Trinidad and Tobago in March.

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After years of oppression, devaluation, and underappreciation, women are at last celebrated. Especially with March being International Women’s Month, more and more women's empowering initiatives are emerging, offering various profound ways of unlocking the path to a fulfilling and rewarding life.

Embarking on a meaningful journey to help women regain freedom through finding inner peace and embracing forgiveness, Debra M. Wright, a seasoned, award-winning Life Coach, Forgiveness Facilitator, and founder of Debra M. Wright Coaching & Consulting, has dedicated her career to mentoring individuals toward personal growth. With extensive qualifications and unwavering dedication, Debra transforms lives by teaching empathy, nurturing spirituality, propelling self-love and self-acceptance, and, most of all, encouraging forgiveness.

Debra M. Wright, an award-winning Life Coach, Forgiveness Facilitator, and founder of Debra M. Wright Coaching & Consulting.

Devoting one’s life to improving the lives of others takes more than grit, determination, and sheer passion—it requires a deep understanding of the challenges people are going through, fostering an environment where compassion and enlightenment intertwine with expertise. What led Debra to hone in on her life coaching infatuation wasn’t an accident but rather a complex fusion of hurtful experiences, self-reflection, and healing.

“It all started when my previous husband asked for a divorce,” shares Debra. “I saw it coming, but after 25 years of marriage, it was devastating. My entire life was entwined with his, and after the divorce, I lost my identity and my sense of purpose. I was sad, I was mad, I was confused, I was bitter. All these negative emotions started to build resentment up in my heart, and I got to a point where stuck in a bleak depression, I couldn’t function anymore.”

After living in Canada for decades, Debra needed a drastic shift and moved back to Trinidad and Tobago. While staying with a family member, she felt an insatiable urge to heal, and the first step of that was fully immersing herself in solitude. “I’ve never been on my own before. I have six siblings, and after coming to Canada, I stayed with my grandparents and aunts. I’ve always had people around me, and when that changed with my divorce, I lost myself,” adds Debra.

Trying to regain her essence, Debra, for the first time, moved into an apartment on her own. While living alone was scary, it was also remarkably healing. “I was able to journal, I was able to cry, and I had no one but me and God,” shares Debra. Through prayer and soul-searching, hurtful memories from the past, such as being bullied at school, resurfaced again. That’s when Debra realized that in order to move on, she had to forgive.

After six months filled with reflection, growth, and self-love, Debra noticed she started to smile, and the world felt like a blissful place once again. Fast forward to returning to Canada, friends, family, and acquaintances, intrigued by Debra’s transformation, would ask questions, and Debra would share her story.

Interest in Debra’s growth journey increased, and eventually, she was invited to speak at events, share advice, and guide hurt individuals to rediscover themselves. “Every time I would speak, without planning on it, the topic would always go back to forgiveness. The word was engraved in my mind,” adds Debra.

After completing courses in forgiveness, Debra’s Life Coach qualifications expanded, and she embarked on a rewarding journey of helping people through kindness and forgiveness. While the power of forgiving was evident to Debra, she realized that wasn’t the case for most people. “I think there’s a lot of misconceptions about the term forgiveness. People are afraid of it, thinking forgiving means condoning wrongful acts. It’s all about you and your healing and has nothing to do with others,” says Debra.

As highlighted by Debra, forgiveness is a powerful tool in helping people heal. Lingering unforgiveness in one’s heart leads to sickness. If people can’t forgive anyone, the bitterness and resentment affect more than just the mind—they pierce through all the layers, influencing physical health as well.

Committed to helping women succeed, Debra will be hosting a Healing the Heart retreat. The event, happening from May 13th to 17th, will take place on the stunning, beachy island of Tobago. By fostering a communal feeling, backed by Debra’s tried and tested methodology, the retreat is bound to take hurt women on a transformative journey to creating the life they desire.

The ARE system, or Acknowledging, Releasing, and Empowering, is the pillar of Debra’s method. The first step is acknowledging hurtful events and accepting all emotions, including guilt and anger. Afterward, Debra teaches people to release all the negativity, usually through journaling and writing feelings down, and then getting rid of the paper. To Debra, removing hurtful moments from the space around us symbolizes clearing out the space within. The last step happens naturally; after letting go of the pain, women feel empowered to start a new relationship, grow a business, or follow their dreams. Additionally, Debra emphasizes that if you feel empowered, you can also empower others.

Merging her wisdom with the expertise of others, Debra invited experts dealing with trauma and clarity to join her at the retreat. With professional advice, a supportive environment, and powerful rituals, the Healing the Heart retreat will present unique opportunities for personal growth.

“Forgiveness is such a complex, enriching experience, and it goes deeper than most people think. Many women I meet think forgiving is a sign of weakness, and it’s extremely gratifying to see their minds change after my programs and retreats,” says Debra. “I think a lot of times women are put down, traumatized, not respected. My goal is to see women win and rise, being their authentic selves.”

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