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Clisver Alvarez's Blue Greis Lifestyle Champions Mental Wellness Through Empowerment

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Clisver Alvarez and her mental wellness initiative, Blue Greis Lifestyle, empower individuals to overcome mental health challenges and envision a future of positivity and support.

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Mental wellness has become increasingly recognized as a foundation of overall well-being and success. Given this context, Certified Mindset Expert Clisver Alvarez created Blue Greis Lifestyle, an inspiring initiative offering guidance and support to those facing challenges in their inner worlds. Clisver uplifts others by sharing her story and providing insightful mindset coaching, leveraging her experiences and positive outlook on life to elevate others.

Blue Greis Lifestyle offers services that address the needs of individuals seeking to improve their mental well-being. She offers an initial 30-minute discovery session, free of charge, where clients can explore their situation and what might be holding them down. Following this, she offers 60-minute Online Sessions, which involve understanding clients' needs and setting achievable goals. It is tailored especially for those struggling with issues like procrastination and lack of self-motivation. These sessions are perfect for those who wish to create a positive change in their lives.

Clisver guides clients who desire to find their purpose on a journey toward self-discovery and personal growth through this program. Blue Greis Lifestyle is all about bringing more joy, promoting self-love, and overcoming anxiety and stress. It empowers people to break free from inaction to lead a more fulfilling life.

Besides this primary offering, Clisver is updating a course designed to provide essential life and mental health skills and tips. This course allows participants to learn and grow at their own pace, free from the constraints of regularly scheduled sessions. Individuals who opt to enroll in this course will be able to access guidance and support whenever they need it.

The testimonials attest to the founder's impact on those she serves. One client remarked, "Clisver is very friendly and respectful. Her method is simply life-changing. If it was not for her, I wouldn't know how to deal with my situation." Another commends the mental health coach's ability to understand their core values and wishes.

When asked about her motivation behind Blue Greis Lifestyle, Clisver answered, "My journey with bipolar disorder made me realize I want to take this path. I was diagnosed at 16, and being a teenager at that time made everything more difficult for me. But I had a support system that helped me become who I am today. Now, it's my time to pay this forward by assisting them in their mental health journeys."

Clisver has over a decade of hands-on experience, making her a trusted guide and mentor for those who want to reclaim their inner strength and vitality. She is known for her holistic approach to coaching thanks to her background as a certified mindset coach, mental health coach, mentor, advocate, and creative writer. Her skill set enables Clisver to connect better with her clients, allowing her to provide personalized guidance and support in every aspect of their lives.

Clisver envisions Blue Greis Lifestyle rebranding into Positivity: Pass It On. The mental health coach leads crowdfunding efforts and partnerships to help the platform grow and acquire the necessary resources and the expertise of local organizations to create a support network that would address the needs of individuals facing mental health struggles.

"I plan to build a partner of networks specializing in areas such as homelessness, hunger, substance use, and unemployment to have this unified ecosystem of support," Clisver shared. With this, the founder can contribute to the movement of making positivity and support always within reach for those who need it.

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