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Flintlock Marketing Partners With International Entertainment Operator For Rebranding Project

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Branding agency specialist, Flintlock Marketing, has published a case study about working with amusement parks across Europe and the US

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Flintlock Marketing Partners With International Entertainment Operator For Rebranding Project
Flintlock Marketing Partners With International Entertainment Operator For Rebranding Project

Flintlock Marketing, a specialist provider of branding agency services, has published a case study covering a recent project, working with a large entertainment brand with amusement parks across Europe and the US, looking to reset its brand position to stimulate growth and cohesion across its locations.

The agency held multiple brand positioning workshops with management teams, customers and workforces, establishing a strong strategic framework, and creating consistent messaging while recognising the unique attributes and characteristics of each amusement park.

Flintlock Marketing’s Work With an International Amusement Park Brand

One of the complexities of the brand strategy project was the need to collate both the underlying brand values and identity of the global business without diluting or hindering each location – ensuring each branch of the wider organisation remained distinct.

Flintlock delved into the heritage of the brand discovering that some parks predate modern competitors such as Disney and hold treasured memories by the grandparents of today’s visitors. However, the company had found that those values needed to be brought to the fore, and that some parks within the group had drifted from the richness of their founding stories.

Working with the organisation’s management, who identified early in the process that park leaders were pivotal due to their first-hand understanding of each separate amusement venue, Flintlock embarked on a series of fact-finding, research and consultative processes, culminating in a new, fresh and purposeful strategy implemented throughout the group.

Results of Flintlock’s Brand Consultancy Work in the Theme Park Space

Park managers in both Europe and the US have reported exceptional results, noting that:

  • Flintlock got us thinking about our roots and the things so many people love about the park, but that had been lost.'
  • 'We were surprised how fast Flintlock picked up the situation and how quickly they found our uniqueness. Understanding the joy of doing something for the first time gave us brand purpose.’
  • 'Flintlock quickly saw what was in our DNA, and helped us all, from our teams to our head offices, to embrace what makes us special and the opportunity that provides’.

Outcomes of the brand strategy project include new visual assets, updated brand guidelines, clear communications inside and outside of the parks, and coherency, with a newly defined logo and marketing graphics that celebrate original and historic rides and attractions.

The Importance of Localisation in International Branding

Part of the success behind this project is the recognition that consumer behaviours, expectations and priorities vary considerably between regions – an essential factor to incorporate into brand strategy when collaborating with a client with multiple locations across several countries.

The Flintlock team travelled to four of the parks to experience the culture and attractions in person, including venues in Denmark, Belgium, Norway and Spain. It then hosted Brand Wheel workshops, which interrogate the story of the brand and dig into the quirks and personalities that make each venue stand apart.

Many of the amusement parks in the international group have intricate histories, related to their original founders, and these workshops found that that spark of authenticity needed to be reintroduced to fully celebrate their heritage.

The client reported that the process was ‘made really simply, when it's not simple at all’, highlighting the value of working with an accomplished brand marketing agency that breaks down difficult brand identity questions into accessible steps before formulating data-backed action plans and long-term brand growth strategies.

Flintlock Marketing Co-Founder, Tasha Gladman, says, 'This project was a brilliant opportunity to collaborate with an international brand with a long, vibrant past, working with a devolved structure with numerous parks spread across 67 locations on two continents.

Working with marketing teams, owners, and local people allowed us to find out what they love most about these amazing spaces, and how the brand could pinpoint its values and introduce them across the breadth of its assets, from jingles to rides and logos, to put those factors at the heart of its communications and brand marketing.’

Flintlock Marketing is an established branding agency, working with UK and international businesses to develop marketing plans, communications, brand creation and brand positioning strategies.

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