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KMTC Technologies Redefines Aviation, Mobility, and Logistics with U.S.-Patented Vortifer®

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KMTC Technologies introduces Vortifer®, a U.S.-patented propulsion system set to transform the aviation, mobility, and logistics industries by combining efficiency and sustainability.

Baden-Württemberg, Germany, 03/18/2024 / SubmitMyPR /

KMTC Technologies Holding GmbH announces the launch of Vortifer®, a revolutionary drive system poised to transform the aviation, automotive, and logistics sectors. Developed in Germany and recently patented in the United States, Vortifer® integrates the advantages of established flight principles while overcoming their limitations. Vortifer® will be the solution for a mobility turnaround, as it offers an efficient and sustainable solution for current and future challenges in transportation, logistics, and more.

KMTC Technologies is renowned for its expertise in pioneering new processes and technologies. It brings together teams of technicians, engineers, scientists, and experienced managers to ensure that innovations like Vortifer® are technically feasible and commercially viable. The innovative company's primary objective is to create added value for the market and industry while providing societal benefits. These, combined with Vortifer's® foreseen remarkable control system and real-world applications, have prompted the patent examiner to grant the patent in 2022, following the application in 2019.

The global disruptor reimagines traditional propulsion systems to fulfill its mission of shaping a future where mobility is both efficient and sustainable. "Traditional propulsion technologies used in aviation consume significant amounts of energy, particularly for the lift of aircraft at take-off. This leads to high levels of carbon dioxide emissions," KMTC Technologies CEO Oliver Kauffmann explained. Vortifer® was then developed to respond to the demand for reducing the carbon footprint of aviation and other sectors.

Vortifer's® innovative propulsion system is based on engine power, flow velocity, and an optimized disc geometry. It leverages the power of the torus vortex, a three-dimensional vortex of air. This unique design provides stable flight capability and exceptional energy efficiency and ensures safety through multi-level safety systems.

KMTC Technologies summarizes the principle of operation behind Vortifer® in five steps. Firstly, the torus vertebrae mechanism accelerates air from bottom to top, creating circulation. Ambient air is carried along and accelerated as the first process continues. This results in a surplus of accelerated air. The excess air then pushes downwards, providing buoyancy. The last step involves Vortifer's® fluid-mechanical propulsion system generating thrust, lift, stability, safety, and superior efficiency, operating on the same principle for all fluids, including water.

Vortifer's® technology can be utilized for drones, given that it can enable fast deliveries even in decongested cities with low additional infrastructural needs. Similarly, it can be used for full-size cargo transport. Vortifer's® scalability and adaptability make it suitable for various use cases, from transatlantic shipments to large containers. Because it can use different energy sources (e.g., kerosene, hydrogen, and electricity), Vortifer® offers a sustainable alternative to current air transport methods as it significantly lowers energy demands while increasing capacity.

Ultimately, the U.S.-patented Vortifer® is a groundbreaking technological solution that addresses the urgent demand for increased efficiency and sustainability in the aviation, automotive, and logistics industries. With this game-changer, KMTC Technologies leads the movement toward a technology-driven future that champions societal responsibility. The company continues to engage with the scientific community, engineering firms, research institutions, and other stakeholders to drive innovation and bring Vortifer® to market maturity.

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