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Alexandra Crotta, Marketing Founder and Creative Pioneer, on a Mission to Give Back and Express Her Truth

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Alexandra Crotta, an entrepreneur, musician, author, and advocate, is on a mission to give back to the local community, produce intimate tracks, and operate a leading marketing and creative agency.

Los Angeles, California, 03/19/2024 / SubmitMyPR /

Most people experience a life-changing event where they realize what their passions are. However, some people have several passions, or multiple interests that lead them to a greater life purpose. Alexandra Crotta, the founder of CORA Agency, a boutique marketing and creative agency, found herself in the second category. Discovering what makes her tick has been a complex, but fulfilling process. She’s mastered several crafts and also dabbled in others. Today, she wears many hats, including that of an entrepreneur, musician, author, and advocate. Alexandra is still creating her dream life, but she has accomplished great feats thus far and plans to have a real impact on the world.

Alexandra Crotta is a creative person who loves to experiment. She ventured into fashion design during college, exploring her artistic flair. Later on, Alexandra received a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tour with several emerging electronic musicians. These serendipitous events reignited her love for music and inspired her to continue creating. Alexandra is now signed with a record label and plans to release an album and EP before 2025 under her stage name Uppy.

Alexandra will cover the dark underbelly of California’s elite circles in her upcoming book, CORA. The book was inspired by her ‘psychedelic princess pop’ music and fuses concepts of technology, AI, and consciousness with the harsh realities of life here on Earth. In the fall, Alexandra will also be releasing a highly-anticipated album that delves into the deconstruction and investigation of emotional experiences.

After releasing music for a few years, Alexandra began focusing on other career paths. She started working as an executive coach providing neuroscientific training and through that fell into the world of marketing. This pivot was unexpected, but she became passionate about lead generation and other marketing strategies.

In 2019, Alexandra founded CORA Agency with the mission to disrupt the marketing industry. Her agency specializes in lead generation, content creation, AI/software engineering, and operational security. CORA differentiates itself from competitors by guaranteeing 20 to 80 new qualified leads with a 20 to 30% conversion rate within eight weeks of initiating work.

Alexandra infuses her humanitarian concerns into CORA by giving 5% of all profits to the agency’s sister company and nonprofit, Soteria Fund Inc. The nonprofit aims to assist international communities in creating technologies that prevent human trafficking and homelessness. This subject is deeply important to Alexandra because she has an innate desire to give back to communities in need.

Like any other creative visionary, Alexandra Crotta has gained respect and influence due to her impressive accomplishments in several fields. She is looking to expand her agency’s focus deeper into the private intelligence and cybersecurity sector as well as continue her work in music.

“In addition to expanding CORA Agency’s clientele, I am planning to improve the services Soteria Fund offers,” Alexandra shares. “Our team is committed to becoming a reliable partner internationally and also locally in Los Angeles by providing critical resources, digital tools and highlighting the stories of the homeless community.”

Alexandra’s story of creativity, compassion, and dedication is a testament to the fluidity of female talent in the face of limiting societal structures. Her advocacy for women to design their own spaces for professional fulfillment can inspire great innovation for aspiring female entrepreneurs.

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