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EQUAL CARE to Disrupt the Medicine Industry, Making Gender-Specific Medicine “the Norm”

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EQUAL CARE aims to raise awareness about the importance of evidence-based treatments tailored to unique needs.

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In the healthcare landscape riddled with disparities, EQUAL CARE is leading the charge for change. Founded by Thao Nguyen and Dr. Simone Braun, Ph.D., the organization is poised to disrupt the medicine industry and pave the way for a more inclusive and effective healthcare system. Thao Nguyen, the co-founder, embarked on this journey after realizing the glaring gaps in the medical space, particularly in gender-specific medicine. With 13 years of experience under her belt and a burning desire for more control and impact, Ms. Nguyen decided to take matters into her own hands. She saw an opportunity to not only address the underserved areas in healthcare but also to live up to her values.

Thao Nguyen’s journey into healthcare began at the age of 21 when her father fell severely ill. Witnessing the limitations of the healthcare system firsthand, she resolved to make a difference by prioritizing patient well-being over profit margins. After a successful stint in consulting, Ms. Nguyen realized that she could create a more significant impact by owning her own company, where she could foster a better workplace environment and advocate for meaningful change.

As a bridge builder in the healthcare sector, Ms. Nguyen’s mission with EQUAL CARE is to challenge the status quo and raise awareness about the importance of gender-specific medicine. She believes that individuals should question traditional medical approaches and advocate for evidence-based treatments tailored to their unique needs. “I want people, especially women, to ask the right questions when it comes to health. They should have an informed conversation with their doctor,” expresses Ms. Nguyen.

In 2021, male suicide rates were four times higher than female rates, with males making up 50% of the population but nearly 80% of suicides. This is due to doctors often diagnosing men based on symptoms, ignoring the actual needs of men, and treating them just like they treat women with similar symptoms.

On the other hand, studies reveal that women are 50% more likely to receive the wrong initial diagnosis after a heart attack and 25% more likely to be misdiagnosed after a stroke. Additionally, women are diagnosed four years later in over 700 diseases and two and a half years later in cancer cases, according to a University of Copenhagen study.

In the EU, 77% of women’s and 81% of men’s lives are spent in good health, resulting in a ‘morbidity disadvantage.’ For instance, in 2016, women spent 19 years in poor health compared to 15 years for men. Even the US FDA did not mandate gender requirements for clinical studies before 2016. Hence, Thao Nguyen advocates transparency and knowledge about treatments with better outcomes that can help bridge this gap.

Thao Nguyen recognizes that technically one should review data and form statistics based on all aspects including gender, race, genetics, and socio-economic background, to name a few. She further emphasizes, “With EQUAL CARE, we aim to take the first step with gender, educating people and creating awareness.”

Ms. Nguyen’s commitment to her vision extends beyond EQUAL CARE’s initiatives. She champions a pledge system to garner support for gender medicine, aiming to make it the norm in healthcare. Her long-term goal is to gather 10 million signatures, demonstrating widespread endorsement for gender-specific medicine.

EQUAL CARE’s impact extends beyond advocacy, as the organization actively works to bring an understanding and transparency of clinical data from research and development to patients. EQUAL CARE hopes that through bringing awareness to this information, it will encourage the further integration of gender-specific data into clinical studies and treatments. By labeling information and promoting transparency, EQUAL CARE aims to ensure accurate and accessible healthcare information for all.

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