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Social Catalyst Platform Sidekick Is Starting a Friendship Revolution That Tackles Social Media’s Impact on Young Adults

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Sidekick, an innovative platform that helps adults find friends nearby based on shared interests, presents an amazing opportunity for societal change.

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Social media has been a valuable tool for connection and community, but it has also sowed division in society through its hyper-personalized feeds and competitive environment. Governments, businesses, and ordinary people are realizing that social media may have serious implications for the world, specifically for younger generations. Yet, there have been very few actors addressing the loneliness epidemic and its consequences globally.

Social catalyst Sidekick is disrupting this culture of negativity with a viable solution. The mission-driven company offers a proprietary platform for adults to find friends nearby through shared interests. Its mobile app is available on the App Store and will soon be developed for Android and desktop. As Sidekick continues evolving, it’s fueling a friendship revolution that helps young people foster offline connections.

Sidekick isn’t another entertainment platform. It’s a social catalyst that helps adults make long-lasting friends based on their interests. Prioritizing people’s needs for connection is a passion for Sidekick’s founders, Laura and Robert Illig, who have a personal connection to this societal issue.

With expertise in marketing and entrepreneurship, and having lived and worked on three continents, Laura has sometimes struggled to find friends with similar interests. Laura’s experiences and her knowledge as Sidekick’s CEO have highlighted how social isolation and loneliness can be solved with the right strategy.

“Societal institutions have been the glue that helps people find friends that last,” Laura notes. “Whether we’re speaking about universities, faith communities, or book clubs, these environments give us the ability to connect with others easily. Sidekick takes this idea and leverages technology to bring it to life. By meeting users online, where they feel most comfortable, we can help them build real connections offline.”

Robert brings a fresh perspective to Sidekick with his background in law, venture capital, and private equity. As a tenured professor and national expert in this sector, Robert has seen a cultural shift in his students. “For the past 20 years, I’ve seen my students transition from older millennials into older Gen Z’s,” Robert says. “I’ve noticed that younger generations have changed a lot and very abruptly. Millennials and Gen Z have more social anxiety and can even be less optimistic and ambitious due to social media’s impact. I’m worried about this generation because there are relatively few ways for them to avoid social media’s negativity and find authentic friendships. However, I believe the only barrier to ending the loneliness epidemic is the lack of spaces like Sidekick that are solely dedicated to helping users make the connections they crave.”

Laura and Robert founded Sidekick during the pandemic when loneliness and social isolation seemed to reach its peak. The pair soon realized that this trend existed far before COVID, and few businesses were focused on helping users develop in-person friendships. With the help of young co-creators, Robert and Laura meticulously developed Sidekick to be the non-competitive and authentic solution the world needed.

Sidekick doesn’t have comments, likes, or follower counts. It simply helps users locate real people nearby that they may click with. Sidekick has almost 2,500 interest categories–that are being continuously refined and updated–for users to showcase their hobbies. The platform ensures that connections extend from the virtual into the real world by offering Kickits, which are public invitations to a scheduled activity.

Sidekick is poised to grow exponentially due to its unique design and innovative approach to solving one of society’s most pressing issues. As the team focuses on forming partnerships, securing investors, and developing its platform, Sidekick hopes to be the change makers that transform how young people make friends.

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