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Bridging the gap: How Sommeta is diving into the art consulting world

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Sommeta, formerly Samudio Consulting, extends its services to the art world, providing project management assistance to artists, galleries, museums, and art institutions.

Carmel, Indiana, 03/25/2024 / SubmitMyPR /

Indiana-based leading consulting firm Sommeta, formerly Samudio Consulting, has announced extending its project management and advisory services to the art sector. This expansion aligns with the progressive vision of Idania Samudio, the principal consultant and CEO of Sommeta, in penetrating a different sector like the arts when it comes to procuring project management and consultation services.

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Samudio has been working in the business consultation sector for over 12 years, with a particular focus on payroll, human resources (HR), and information technology (IT). However, she has always been a passionate lover of the arts. Samudio recognizes the significant interplay between art, science, and technology, given that the distinction between these three from each other is becoming irrelevant over time as they become inseparable concepts. The global project manager shared, "Contrary to what many believe, you can be creative in tech. That's another aspect that we want to bring into our implementations."

In essence, Sommeta aims to bridge project management services and the art industry, particularly underrepresented artists that wish to expand their reach. When asked what prompted the CEO to begin this new venture, Samudio answered, "I'm located in Indianapolis. I looked up our advisory and art project management companies, and I really didn't find as many as one would think might be there. And I thought, you know what, there's actually a need for this.”

Sommeta offers various services, such as process review, implementation support, and project management. “We support our clients from start to end, planning the process, holding their hands, and guiding them throughout the journey instead of letting them handle everything by themselves,” Samudio added. The company provides specialized art advisory services for underrepresented artists to boost their visibility within the art world. The ever-growing consulting agency also aims to empower new collectors through education and community, providing information about artists and their works as assets. With this, art collectors could foster connections within the art community.

The consulting firm acknowledges that each client has specific needs that require unique solutions. They do not force a square peg into a round hole and ensure that both sides are on the same page for smooth implementation. This approach is crucial in establishing trust among clients. Ultimately, the consulting firm is committed to producing outcomes that ensure their clients' success. The CEO affirmed, "You can think of it as putting us in the ocean in the middle of a raging storm and asking us to build a boat. It may seem impossible, but we can build the boat, and we can ensure you arrive safely at your destination."

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