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Dr. B’s Elixir Cooling Mouth Spray Is the Only All Natural Remedy Instantly Relieving Mouth Burning Caused By Spicy Food

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Dr. B’s Elixir Cooling Mouth Spray is resolving an age-old problem caused by spicy food with its all natural formula.

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Dr. B’s Elixir is a Colorado small business offering proprietary Cooling Mouth Sprays for foodies, spicy competition participants, and many others. The business was founded by Dr. Curtis Breville to resolve burning sensations in the mouth caused by spicy food. A passion project soon turned into a profitable business that provides a passport to the culinary world.

Dr. Curtis Breville, a natural problem solver and beer enthusiast, founded Dr. B’s Elixir in 2023 to help people enjoy spicy food without the pain. By leveraging the hops flowers as one of the main ingredients, Dr. B has become the first and only provider of an all natural immediate pain reliever for the burning mouth caused by spicy food. Hops, also known as Humulus lupulus, is a plant commonly used to stabilize and flavor beer. However, the medical applications of this bitter plant have also become apparent. According to recent research, hops flowers have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-cancer properties. In several studies, the plant has improved sleep patterns, reduced anxiety and hot flashes, and killed cancer cells. These uses present a tremendous opportunity for natural remedies that can address various health concerns.

Surprisingly, Dr. B only realized hops had cooling properties during a chance occurrence. When his daughter’s friend was doing a food challenge involving a spicy pepper sauce, Dr. B noticed how much pain the child was in. Despite gulping down milk and using ice cubes to cool their mouth, the pain didn’t subside. Determined to help the child, Dr. B offered some hops leaves he had on hand as a potential solution. To his astonishment, the pain disappeared. This moment was a catalyst for Dr. B. It sparked his curiosity and eventually led to the creation of the Cooling Mouth Spray.

For over 30 years, Dr. B has enjoyed brewing beer at home and connecting with other fans of the drink. Many beer lovers joke about how the hops in beer can soothe spiciness, which is why people drink it with wings and other hot foods. After witnessing the effect of hops leaves on spiciness firsthand, Dr. B was determined to investigate whether hops can relieve high levels of spice. He began this journey by experimenting with hops, searching for existing research about the plant, and partnering with a company that could provide concentrated compounds from the plant.

In the beginning, Dr. B’s first Cooling Mouth Spray was mildly effective but not very tasty. However, after adding a few ingredients for taste and using the pain reducing compounds within the hops plant, Dr. B had created a revolutionary product. His Cooling Mouth Spray has been tested by hundreds of people with varying levels of spice tolerance. Children, adults, and those with medical sensitivities to spice have all benefited from the spray. Whether they’re eating spicy foods at home or competing in a spicy food contest, Dr. B’s Elixir prevents their mouth from burning without affecting the food’s taste.

Dr. B has developed two sprays for different users. His Cooling Mouth Spray offers high-quality protection against spicy foods and the Competition Strength is a stronger formula meant for food contest participants consuming spicier products.

As Dr. B envisions the future of his business, he plans to introduce new flavors and different consumption methods. He is also looking to raise funding to research the applications of Dr. B’s Elixir on people with burning mouth syndrome. The formula offers promise to other areas of pain, including eye burning and other thermal injuries. Further research could enable Dr. B to develop commercial-grade solutions for military, first responder, and medical applications.

As a result, Dr. Curtis Breville has launched a crowdfunding initiative to raise funds into further research of his formula as it relates to pain prevention and relief. Specifically, the aim is to raise funds to further develop his product, and assist people with Burning Mouth Syndrome. Following personal accounts of pain relief for people with the condition, as a result of using the product, Dr. Curtis Breville is currently in talks with researchers at universities focused on oral mouth pain.

“Since the beginning of mankind, there has never been a solution for preventing or immediately relieving burning mouth sensations caused by spicy food. With Dr. B’s Elixir, you can enjoy the full flavor of spicy foods with zero pain,” says Dr. Curtis Breville.

If you’re interested in purchasing Dr. B’s Elixir or becoming a distributor, visit their website for more information.

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