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Sarah Cunningham Celebrates 25+ Years of Overdelivering Web Development Services

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Sarah Cunningham, founder of Web Epiphany and experienced web developer, has been improving brands’ voice and image for over 25 years, leaving a lasting footprint in the field.

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For some, technology is a mere addition to life, a convenience, or a hindrance, depending on the point of view. To others, it’s a place where modern developments, innovative ventures, and passion meet in a nerdy frolic that soon turns into life’s crux. For Sarah Cunningham, a leader in web development, founder of Web Epiphany, and a tech enthusiast for over 25 years, technology creeps into all corners, industries, and sectors, making the world go round.

A freelance web developer since 1998, Sarah reached a significant 25-year milestone, a testament to her expertise and commitment. Currently at the helm of Web Epiphany, Sarah’s journey began as a freelancer who subcontracted work through various companies. Early on, Sarah was subcontracted to work for SAP, working on their Crystal Reports website which had been in existence for over a decade. Some of Sarah’s early work, done at the time with her husband, achieved industry recognition and won a Best Website award.

At Web Epiphany, founded in 2021, Sarah reduces the cost of web development by reasonably pricing top-notch services. As a freelance web developer, Sarah models most of her services on a Bootstrap framework for Responsive WordPress websites, offering PSD to HTML5, data entry, custom PHP and Javascript scripts, and web design services.

While 25+ years of experience make Sarah’s knowledge and skills shine in the crowded landscape, she emphasizes the vitality of staying agile and moving with the trends. “Early on, I would only rely on hand-coding. When WordPress was introduced, I was skeptical and refused to make my job more convenient. And then, I realized that as a designer and web developer, I shouldn’t get stuck in my old-school ways. These trends come and go in the blink of an eye, and staying flexible, acquiring new skills, and allowing the time and space for that learning curve is crucial,” explains Sarah.

For Sarah, technology transcended surface-level attachment; the passion for tech and computers is what sparked the love between her and her late husband. The late nights spent together geeking out and countless hours spent exploring the ins and outs of powerful machines quickly turned into a deep, meaningful love, forever entwining Sarah, her husband, and technology.

After her husband passed away in 2019, Sarah struggled to find direction again. In a moment of epiphany, Sarah found solace and purpose in technology once again, realizing her 25-year-long experience is still viable and needed. She rebranded her and her husband’s previous venture into Web Epiphany, where she now focuses on white labeling services, working on the back end of visually appealing and immersive sites.

“Technology has always been a part of me, present in all aspects of my life: work, leisure, even marriage. From seeking direction as a young developer, freelancing alongside my husband, and venturing out on my own, I wouldn’t have made it without the passion I share for tech,” adds Sarah. “I love bringing complex and mesmerizing visions to life, improving brands’ appearance, and sharing my expertise with people globally. That’s what’s driven me into this direction, and that’s what will keep on driving me for years to come.”

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