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Tealyra Celebrates 14 Years of Steeping Success

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Tealyra commemorates its 14th year of offering 350 types of premium teas to tea enthusiasts across the globe, serving as a go-to brand in the galaxy of tea.

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Tealyra, an online-based purveyor of premium teas, is celebrating 14 years of catering to tea enthusiasts worldwide with its impressive selection encompassing 350 types of the beverage. Since 2010, the brand has committed itself to sourcing only the finest teas to offer organic, traditional, and signature blends sourced directly from their places of origin.

Tealyra sources the finest teas directly from their places of origin.

Its mission is to build a community of tea aficionados and encourage them to expand their knowledge and appreciation of this ancient beverage. Tealyra invites everyone to learn, experiment, and discover the rich flavors, aromas, and experiences each cup of tea offers.

The name of the renowned brand itself holds significant meaning. It is derived from the words "tea" and "Lyra." The latter symbolizes the tortoise shell lyre of Orpheus, the legendary musician and poet known for his mesmerizing melodies. Lyra is also the name of a well-known constellation in the night sky. It is this second meaning that informs the ethos of the company, viewing their variety of teas as a constellation for the senses.

Dmytro has always been a passionate tea lover. He grew up in Ukraine, where tea culture revolved around traditional Indian black tea. When his sister-in-law brought him and his wife a variety of teas in one of her visits, Dmytro felt motivated to explore the diverse flavors and selections of teas.

The founder saw an opportunity to leverage his background in sales and management from running family businesses to introduce Montreal, Canada to the world of tea. Tealyra, then called Tealux, opened its doors in 2010 as a local retail shop on the south shore of the city.

The brick-and-mortar faced challenges as it struggled to attract attention in a competitive market. Dmytro then sought alternative avenues to reach a broader audience. He recognized the potential of eCommerce and decided to transition its operations online, where Tealyra can showcase its offerings to a global audience. This move proved worth it as it helped the brand expand.

Tealyra focused on strengthening its online presence and closed all physical stores by 2014. Now, it brings a taste of distant lands, from the hills of Darjeeling, the mountains of China, or the fields of Japan, to doorsteps across the globe.

The Japanese Kiraka White Sencha remains one of the crowd favorites among the brand's extensive list of offerings. "This white tea is a rare find, and we're one, if not the only, of the stores offering it in North America," the founder supplies. The organic Japanese white tea originates from Shizuoka, Japan. It undergoes a meticulous crafting process during the first harvest of spring.

It is also handpicked with care to ensure that only the finest tea leaves are selected. The result is a brew that is exceptionally soft and refreshingly sweet. The lingering, delightful aftertaste is a bonus. Besides its taste profile, white tea is also rich in antioxidants, making it an excellent pick for those dedicated to healthy living.

Dmytro acknowledges the surge in tea consumption and the shift in consumer preferences. "More people are choosing herbal and fruity teas without caffeine, mostly because they promote relaxation, aid digestion, and improve overall well-being," he states. Tea offers a gentler boost, unlike beverages with high caffeine content like coffee and energy drinks. Varieties like black tea are, therefore, a popular choice for those looking to reduce their caffeine intake without sacrificing flavor or stimulation.

Tealyra offers over 350 different types of tea, from its newly built warehouse in Montreal.

Tea's surge in popularity can also be attributed to the broad selection it offers. After all, there is tea for every mood and occasion. Tealyra is the perfect brand to cater to tea enthusiasts' different tastes and preferences, with over 350 teas to choose from.

Tealyra aims to continue being a shining star in the constellation of tea. After 14 successful years, the company has built its own warehouse from which it now operates. According to Dmytro, “Tealyra has finally found its home. A place where we can grow, and provide high quality teas to our customers around the world. We promise to deliver quality, authenticity, and satisfaction to our customers, ensuring every cup of tea tells a story and every flavor leaves a lasting impression.”

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