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Vaillance Group CEO Shawnee Delaney Initiates Change Through Speaker Engagements in Insider Threat Management

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Shawnee Delaney, founder and CEO of Vaillance Group, and former spy, captivates audiences with insightful speaking engagements about cybersecurity, technology, intelligence, investigation, and more.

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Shawnee Delaney, founder and CEO of Vaillance Group, leverages her knowledge in insider threat management, cybersecurity, and intelligence operations to bring a unique perspective to her speaking engagements and training sessions. The highly sought-after public speaker shares her knowledge and insights with audiences eager to learn about cybersecurity, insider threats, and risk management.

Delaney's presentations are highly organized and comprehensive, offering practical advice and field-tested recommendations to address security risks. She is known for inspiring and motivating her audiences to take efficient measures to protect their assets and confidential information from malicious and unintentional threats. Not only are her engagements informative, but memorable and entertaining, as she weaves her past experiences as a former spy into her stories.

Delaney covers topics including human vulnerabilities in cyber security, protecting an organization from a former spy’s perspective, and the intersection of insider threat and Artificial Intelligence, among many others.

Besides cybersecurity and insider threat topics, Delaney delves into the human elements, including leadership, strategy, and vision. The accomplished professional's speaking engagements have earned her recognition from media outlets such as Fox Business, the Financial Times, and The Hill. These exposures solidify her reputation as a thought leader in the industry.

Delaney draws from her experience at the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), where she spent nearly a decade conducting clandestine human intelligence operations and honing her expertise in identifying and addressing insider threats. Her hands-on experience coordinating intelligence efforts with the private sector during her tenure with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) further enriches her expertise in cybersecurity and risk management.

The CEO's journey to this landscape started during childhood. Delaney was an extremely curious child fascinated by global events. She was particularly interested in the motivations behind terrorist attacks and was adamant about learning more after hearing about the bombing of the United States Marine barracks in Beirut. This early curiosity laid the foundation for her future career in espionage and security.

To say that the path from rural California where she grew up to the world of espionage was bumpy is an understatement. However, Delaney was determined and immersed herself in her academic studies. She pursued multiple master’s degrees, specialized in Arabic and international policy, and researched organizations like Hezbollah. Her dedication to understanding the geopolitical landscape of the Middle East caught the eyes of intelligence recruiters. This opened doors for her and she was eventually recruited by the DIA.

Delaney trained at 'the Farm,' a renowned boot camp for aspiring U.S. spies. Here, she acquired the skills required to navigate high-threat environments and recruit valuable assets. She then went on four tours in war zones like Iraq and Afghanistan, where she obtained invaluable insights into how complex intelligence operations are, as well as the dangers faced by those working in the field.

Years of service and multiple near-death experiences prompted Delaney to prioritize her personal life and transition into motherhood. However, her passion for protecting individuals and groups from security threats remains. Now, Delaney utilizes her knowledge and expertise in positioning Vaillance Group as the leader in the field of insider threat consulting. The company is known for safeguarding the assets, people, and confidential information of organizations from various threats, both malicious and unintentional.

When asked about her venture into public speaking while balancing her multiple roles, Delaney answered, "Doing keynote speeches has been an amazing experience for me. I was able to interact with people from all sectors, and I've realized they're all facing similar problems but with unique vulnerabilities. I love being a problem solver. Although there's no one-size-fits-all solution, I enjoy helping people change their perspectives. I'm here to offer insights and ideas, whether with an entire enterprise, the C-suite, or a specific group."

Shawnee Delaney's contributions to the field through her speaking engagements and consulting services are crucial in helping organizations address insider threats and cybersecurity risks. Her dedication to educating and empowering others shows her commitment to safeguarding assets and information in the digital world. She is currently finalizing a book on insider threats for businesses and is halfway through writing a cybersecurity book for children aged 8 to 12.

This aligns with her mission of educating both adults and children and giving them the tools necessary to mitigate the risks associated with cybersecurity and insider threats. Ultimately, her goal is to support organizations and individuals as they navigate what can often be a perilous landscape.

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