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Damon Dixon Helps Men Be More Confident in Their Skin with douxds Skincare Line

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The douxds men’s skincare line uses all-natural ingredients to help solve acne and other skin issues, giving men smooth, healthy and fresh skin and helping them become more confident in life.

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It’s no secret that having smooth, healthy, and fresh skin works wonders for people’s confidence. This is why the skincare industry has boomed over the past few decades, and is now estimated at $186.6 billion worldwide. A large majority of skincare products are targeted at women, with men’s products being few and far between. This is despite the fact that both men and women suffer from skin problems, especially acne.

Men aren’t immune to feeling unattractive and ashamed to be seen with bad skin. In the past, many men would never admit to that due to fear of being seen as vain or weak. However, things are changing and, in recent years, more men have been paying more attention to their skin.

Entrepreneur Damon Dixon, founder of the douxds men’s skincare line, is one of these men. For most of his adolescence and early adulthood, Damon struggled with severe acne, and it severely affected his self-confidence, even affecting his relationship with his girlfriend. Damon asked for help from his father, who was a pharmacist, and he tried just about every mass-market product he could buy, but they didn’t work. Some even made his skin worse, drying it out and causing uneven skin tone around the dark spots left by the pimples.

After graduating from college, Damon started a business importing and selling women’s skincare products, and he soon noticed that there was a small and significant segment of male customers. He realized that men’s skincare could be an attractive niche to enter. But, first, he needed to address his own skin issues. Thus, douxds was born.

In his quest to find men’s skincare products that truly worked, Damon reinvested a large part of the earnings from his previous business to design, patent, and source new products. One of the results is the FLEX™ vibrating facial brush, which is designed to exfoliate the skin and relieve clogged pores – the main cause of pimples. The brush’s medical-grade silicone bristles and adjustable sonic vibration penetrate into the pores to break up impurities, making them easier to wash away.

The next step of the journey was to find topical products that are effective but gentle. This brought Damon to a natural skin care factory. After learning from the experts, Damon came up with new additions to the douxds line.

WAR™ face wash is a valuable ally in combating acne, containing organic activated charcoal, aloe vera, and peppermint. It provides a detoxifying and freshening effect on the skin, which relieves the excess oils and dead skin clogged in pores. PRIME™ face quench is a moisturizer with Vitamins C and E that helps regulate oil production, even the skin tone, and hydrate the skin. CRUSH™ bump eliminator is a gel serum that releases sebum from clogged pores and frees trapped hair follicles. It contains a potent blend of witch hazel, willow bark, and Vitamin E.

According to Damon, using these products resolved his acne problems and they have received rave reviews from other users. douxds products have also been featured in subscription boxes by Bespoke Post and GQ, as well as used by barbers from men’s grooming booking service The Cut. In the future, douxds is releasing a hair care line for men, using all-natural products to protect and restore hair growth, providing a safer alternative to pharmaceutical treatments that may affect men’s reproductive function.

“I’ve seen for myself how important having clear and smooth skin is for my confidence and well-being,” Damon says. “I was one of the millions of men who looked at themselves in the mirror and didn’t like what they saw. It took me 13 years to solve my acne issues, and I want to share with other men what worked for me. I want to help men from all walks of life to stop hiding in the shadows and for them to take control of their own skincare, which will help them feel at their best and unstoppable in life.”

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