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Championing Efficiency and Seamless Customer Journeys: How Maria Mohan, an IT Business Analyst Advocates for Change

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Maria Mohan, an IT business analyst with over 18 years of experience serving financial institutions, is committed to raising awareness about digital banking safety.

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Finance is an intricate field that offers countless career opportunities for talented individuals. Whether pursuing work on Wall Street, in major banks, or securing a finance role in a private company, this sector is essential for society to function properly. Financial services is one of the 16 industries classified as critical infrastructure, highlighting the importance of protecting and also elevating customer and staff journeys. Maria Mohan, a finance professional who has worked in the sector for over 18 years, is deeply passionate about improving banking infrastructure, preventing risks, and creating a more seamless customer journey. Her accomplishments in finance shine a light on the impact these professionals can have on the world with the right mindset.

Maria Mohan hails from India but has built a global career as an IT business analyst specializing in financial services work. In addition to serving the Indian market, Maria has collaborated with retail banks and wealth management institutions in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. She was first inspired to study finance in university because she was fascinated with emerging technologies. Maria knew she wanted to work in banking early on because she felt that there were many opportunities for positive change. The sector’s transition from traditional, in-person banking to modern applications through apps and other digital platforms supports this idea.

For several years following her entrance into finance, Maria worked directly with banks or with service providers that were contracted with them. Depending on the problem at hand, Maria has provided advisory services on how to make processes more efficient. Her expertise has been pivotal in reducing customer complaints, streamlining account creation, and preventing fraudulent activity.

Maria has been serving the financial services market for almost two decades and imagines many more accomplishments to result from her work in the sector. “Banking truly fascinates me,” Maria shares. “Since this sector is so important for society, we are continuously pushed to innovate. Whether that involves adopting the newest software or rethinking our provider-customer relationship, there are infinite possibilities for banking to improve its value offerings. I am excited to see how banking will develop in the coming years.”

As Maria envisions the future of her career in financial services, she is hoping to observe more areas for improvement and educate bank staff and customers about cutting-edge modern banking practices.

“One thing I am very passionate about regarding banking is the move from in-person to digital,” Maria says. “I want institutions to take advantage of what technology can offer, but I also want banks and their customers to know the risks of these practices, and take proactive steps to manage them.”

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