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A-NSE Celebrates Inaugural Flight of E-LIUM, the World's First Globally Viable Green VTOL

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A-NSE achieves a significant milestone in sustainable air mobility with the upcoming first flight of E-LIUM, the world's first globally viable green VTOL.

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A-NSE proudly announces the inaugural flight of E-LIUM, a groundbreaking achievement in sustainable air transportation. As a leading aviation and aerospace original equipment manufacturer (OEM), A-NSE delivers cutting-edge solutions aligned with carbon-neutral initiatives.

E-LIUM merges innovative technologies to showcase the capabilities of vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft. It introduces a hybrid vehicle with an aerodynamic lift powered by both electro-motorized propulsion and the natural buoyancy of helium. Combining the elements of airship, multi-rotor, and aerodynamics, it maintains a sleek and compact design that allows takeoff and landing on standard helipads.

E-LIUM's design offers all the utility of a traditional helicopter while drastically reducing pollution, noise, and vibrations. It also boasts of an impressive flight autonomy of two hours and a top speed of 120 km/h, setting a new standard for carbon-free air mobility.

A-NSE has over a decade of experience in developing and operating airships. It demonstrates a track record of excellence in the aerospace industry, as proven by successful collaborations with governmental agencies across Europe and Africa. The company developed E-LIUM as a response to the urgent need for decarbonization in transportation. It integrated state-of-the-art technologies to enable autonomous flight capabilities through artificial intelligence and system droneization.

Caption: A mockup of the E-LIUM prototype

With this, E-LIUM became the world's first globally viable green VTOL (gVTOL). It is also worth noting that it is the only eVTOL permitted to fly under existing European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) regulation, further solidifying A-NSE's position as an industry leader in air mobility and sustainable aviation.

A-NSE's journey toward developing a sustainable aircraft began years ago. However, the project only progressed after establishing a pivotal partnership during the Paris Air Show in June 2023. Since then, the team has been diligently finalizing the design of the first prototype and transitioning into the production phase. The rapid progression from design to flight within less than a year attests to A-NSE's commitment to innovation and efficiency.

Preparations for the historic flight are well underway, with meticulous attention to detail ensuring safety. After a successful first flight, A-NSE aims to fly E-LIUM above the Marseille sailing area during the Paris Olympics 2024 to highlight its capabilities on a global stage. Baptiste Regas and Adrien Regas, the founders of A-NSE, shared their thoughts regarding the first flight of E-LIUM, "We're very excited to witness this milestone. Designing something is one thing, but seeing it fly and adapting it based on real-world data is something else. We look forward to subjecting E-LIUM to further testing to validate its performance."

The innovative aircraft serves both civil and military sectors and can adapt across various landscapes, from urban centers to remote regions, without specialized infrastructure. This accessibility opens new possibilities, allowing E-LIUM to broaden its use cases. First, it redefines tourism by offering luxury air travel that leaves no trace of an environmental footprint.

Accommodating up to six passengers, E-LIUM is a carbon-neutral alternative to taxis, shuttles, helicopters, and trains. It also helps with aerial cargo transportation, given that it can operate even in densely packed or isolated locations with exceptional efficiency. This capability makes E-LIUM invaluable for humanitarian efforts.

In addition, the revolutionary aircraft opens up opportunities for exploration and observation of the most isolated landscapes. It can significantly advance efforts for future research endeavors and even leisurely pursuits. It is worth noting that the demand for E-LIUM's diverse applications is rapidly expanding as potential users explore its versatility. Cargo companies and firefighting agencies, for instance, seek A-NSE's services for efficient delivery solutions to remote areas.

A-NSE envisions standardizing manufacturing and expanding E-LIUM's application to include cargo delivery and other potential use cases, focusing on sustainability. It intends to partner with one of the largest container shipping companies in the world to utilize E-LIUM for cargo delivery and showcase its potential for green transport solutions after the prototype is tested in flight. Such plans demonstrate A-NSE's commitment to innovation and sustainability in shaping the future of aviation.

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