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Pioneer Jay Andress Revolutionizes The Future of Transportation Through Sustainable and Innovative GoBFree Vehicles

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Spearheaded by Jay Andress, a dexterous innovator, the GobFree project is poised to transform the reality of traveling, offering sustainable, self-driving, and first-of-their-kind electric vehicles.

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There’s one binding thread between the first landing on the moon, the invention of the Internet, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the creation of the GoBFree project: all these events and inventions either have or are certain to alter the course of history forever. As the name suggests, GoBFree was created to provide freedom to its users. From not having to sit in traffic for hours, not having to steer the wheel after a tiring day, and saving significant amounts of money on fuel, GoBFree masterfully answers the calls of frustrated citizens and daily commuters.

Jay Andress, an innovator and the mastermind behind GoBFree, tapped into his years of experience as an automobile trailblazer, creating one-of-a-kind, ingenious electric vehicles poised to revolutionize transportation. “For the first time in history, we built an individual electric car running on an overhead rail. At GoBFree, we believe that the future is now. And the nifty prototype, perfected over the years, has fuelled that belief,” adds Andress.

While the tech-savviness, originality, top-notch design, and boundless potential are strikingly impressive, the project’s originator believes three benefits specifically will transform the driving experience. For starters, GoBFree vehicles are completely self-driving. At GoBFree, mediocrity is unacceptable, and the mechanism transcends a basic ‘go-and-stop’ button. A true innovation of the future, GoBFree vehicles allow for complete level 5 self-driving while it is on the rail. The meticulously designed self-driving model blends the line between a passenger and a driver—with the comfort of a passenger and the control of a motorist, GoBFree is the perfect solution for all commuters and travelers.

Tackling the harrowing issues electric car drivers deal with in terms of charging, GoBFree’s invention garners the power of existing infrastructure. In other words, the rail provides electricity, enabling vehicles to charge as they drive. Through leveraging current systems, Andress, the out-of-the-box thinking innovator, eliminated the need for developing new, cost-prohibitive railways and minimized the time wasted at petrol stations while creating a self-charging, self-driving, affordable solution. One key benefit of the GoBFree project is that it comes with a low-cost electric vehicle, designed to complete the first and last mile of the average journey. Once the vehicle is on the track, however, the innovation really comes to the fore, as the rail itself is electric, and recharges the battery on the electric vehicle, making long recharges a thing of the past.

While there are self-driving vehicles and means of transport that leverage rail-produced energy, these two elements generally don’t go in tandem. Andress, however, combined both of these crucial benefits. But the groundbreaking innovator didn’t stop there; he took it one step further by developing electric automobiles that whizz through cities, landscapes, mountains, and valleys on an elevated rail. Elevated railways significantly elevate the travel experience, offering a tranquil escape from road-level congestion and traffic, especially in urban areas.

By using the company’s innovative vehicles for the entirety or most of the trip, the rail-powered electric vehicles allow drivers to sit back, relax, and let cutting-edge technology do the work. The average American driver spends roughly an hour behind the wheel each day, and GoBFree removes a significant chunk of that, while still providing a sense of freedom that mass public transportation such as trains and buses cannot.

GobFree truly embodies the essence of a gift that keeps on giving. Passenger cars are the cornerstone of the company, but the all-rounded, many-faceted, end-to-end solution to transportation hurdles also includes 24/7 automated freight. That addition solves crippling problems with electric trucks which require enormous power sources that last for limited distances. Committed to educating the public about GoBFree’s phenomenal product, Andress and his team created a short educational video, flawlessly portraying the sophisticated and simplistically clever concept behind GoBFree’s freight application.

Andress and his team recently released GoBFree's fully functional car prototype. Testing is now underway and waiting for patent approval. The project is undoubtedly an ambitious step toward a greener, more efficient transportation sector, ushering in an era of sustainable, efficient, affordable, and convenient travel.

“The main reason behind creating GoBFree is to make traveling more enjoyable for average, working citizens. Most people spend over an hour a day stuck in traffic, impatiently waiting for the glaring red light to turn green, racing through the city congestion to make it to work on time. It’s an hour of your time that you’re never getting back,” says Andress. “You could be on your laptop, answering an email, talking to a loved one, sleeping, eating a nutritious meal, or reading. We called it GoBFree because, with our electric vehicles, you can taste the freedom. Freedom from pumping gas, freedom from expensive petrol, freedom from driving for hours a day, and freedom from wasting precious time behind the wheel.”

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